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ShadowDragon SocialNet

By ShadowDragon LLC
Map social media connections with data from 150+ social networks for OSINT investigations.
# Deep and Dark Web # Personal Identifiers # Corporate Security & Business Risk # Criminal Investigation
SocialNet integration in Maltego

ShadowDragon SocialNet Transforms for Maltego

ShadowDragon SocialNet Transform allows investigators to map social media connections with data from 150+ social networks, and search breach data, for OSINT investigations.

With this data, users can map out identities online and connections between those identities and follow the breadcrumbs of a target’s digital life. Users can find hidden correlations between bad actors, visualize their social networks and cross-reference the data with other Maltego Transforms.

Typical Users ShadowDragon SocialNet Data

  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Legal Professionals
  • Detective and Investigators
  • Corporate Security
  • Threat Intelligence Teams

Integration Benefits

Reduce significant investigative time at each search point, saving hours, days, weeks, and even months on prolonged investigations

Easily build social maps and visualize interpersonal networks to reveal behavioral patterns

Access invaluable dark web resources safely and anonymously

Expand the capabilities of complex cybercrime investigations by adding next level search and engagement tools as needed

Leverage ShadowDragon SocialNet Data for


Using Maltego to graph far-reaching SocialNet data creates easy visual indexing especially helpful in tracking elusive networks across the globe.

Human Trafficking

Underground criminal enterprises rely on interpersonal networks for operations and customer communications. Identify and follow these leads using SocialNet through Maltego.

Background Checks

Reduce organizational risk from internal threats by vetting current and prospective employees through over 200 SocialNet data sources and Maltego link analysis.

Financial Analysis

Safe access to dark and deep web sources through SocialNet can reveal linked activity in pay apps, cryptocurrency, and other financial markets favored by criminals, all easily mapped in Maltego.
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Pricing & Access

Maltego Community
Available only with a Maltego commercial license.
Maltego Commercial
Users with a Maltego One license have the following purchase options.
ShadowDragon SocialNet Data Trials
ShadowDragon SocialNet data trials are available for qualified users. Kindly reach out to to learn more.
Data Subscriptions
ShadowDragon annual data subscriptions can be purchased via Maltego. Please reach out to for more details.



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Terms and Conditions

Learn more about the Terms and Conditions of ShadowDragon SocialNet at: Terms and Conditions


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About ShadowDragon

ShadowDragon simplifies modern investigations by collecting open-source data from diverse online platforms residing within open, deep, and dark webs. In development for more than a decade, digital tools were created and deployed by a ground-breaking cyber security company. Their team previously worked among the ranks of government intelligence, security operations, military intelligence, and leading tech companies. In 2015, ShadowDragon, LLC was established to license these applications to customers. Today this U.S. based company provides customers safe and ethical access to tools used in cyber investigations encompassing threats, intrusion, corporate espionage, advanced attribution, and real-time situational awareness. Cyber solutions from ShadowDragon are now used by Fortune 50 companies and hundreds of clients worldwide for use in law enforcement, government, military intelligence, and corporate security.

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