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Query IP address data and CVEs, Tags, or activities that an IP address has been observed scanning for.
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GreyNoise Enterprise integration for Maltego

GreyNoise Enterprise Transforms for Maltego 

GreyNoise is a cybersecurity platform that collects and analyzes internet-wide scan and attack traffic. This data is made available through SIEM, SOAR, TIP integrations, command-line tool, bulk data, visualizer, Enterprise API, and Community API, so users can contextualize existing alerts, filter false positives, identify compromised devices, and track emerging threats. 

With the help of GreyNoise datasets, analysts can recognize events not worth their attention. Indicators in GreyNoise are likely associated with opportunistic internet scanning or common business services, not targeted threats. This context helps analysts focus on what matters most.  

The GreyNoise Enterprise Transforms allow users to identify and correlate activity that is related to mass-internet scanning. Enriching IPs with GreyNoise helps to provide insight on what activity an IP has been observed performing on sections of the internet. 

Using the GreyNoise Enterprise Transforms, investigators can pull all data that GreyNoise has on an IP address, or pull specific data on CVEs, Tags or activity that an IP address has been observed scanning for,  as well as their correlation. 

GreyNoise Intelligence integration for Maltego

Typical Users of GreyNoise Enterprise Data

  • Incidence Response Teams
  • Threat Intelligence Teams
  • CERTs
  • Cyber and Digital Forensics

Integration Benefits

Gain In-Depth Visibility into Internet Scanners

Retrieve detailed information on IP addresses that are actively scanning the internet, including malicious, benign and spoofable classifications, targeted ports and protocols, behavioral tags, and targeted CVEs and vulnerabilities.

Identify IPs Actively Exploiting Vulnerabilities in the Wild

Identify and track IPs that are actively exploiting specific CVEs. This is particularly useful for new/recently announced vulnerabilities, or older vulnerabilities that are experiencing new attacks.

Filter Out Internet Background Noise from Your Investigations

Identify IP addresses and indicators associated with opportunistic internet scanning or common business services that are NOT targeted threats, and filter these out of your investigations.

Leverage GreyNoise Enterprise Data for

Incident Response Prioritization

The GreyNoise Enterprise IP and Query Transforms for Maltego allows incident responders and security analysts to quickly analyze IP addresses that have triggered a response protocol, and identify any IPs that represent noisy scanners, false positives, and non-targeted threats, all within the Maltego environment.

Threat Hunting

The GreyNoise Enterprise IP and Query Transforms for Maltego allows threat hunters and senior security analysts to quickly and easily trace the origin of suspicious IP addresses, identify those actively exploiting key vulnerabilities, and eliminate noisy scanners, false positives, and non-targeted threats from investigations.

Vulnerability Prioritization

The GreyNoise Enterprise IP and Query Transforms for Maltego allows vulnerability management teams to quickly and easily identify which CVEs are currently being actively exploited in the wild by which IP addresses, so they can prioritize patching and incident response.
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Pricing & Access

Community Hub
Available only with a Maltego commercial license.
Commercial Hub
Users with a Maltego One license have the following purchase options.
Free (API Key Required)
Sign up for the GreyNoise Enterprise API key here to start your free trial:
Bring Your Own Key (Purchase Separately)
Simply plug in your GreyNoise Enterprise API key and start using the Transforms on your Maltego Desktop Client.



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GreyNoise Enterprise Solution in Maltego

Technical Docs

Technical Documentation for GreyNoise Enterprise Transforms in Maltego


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About GreyNoise Intelligence

GreyNoise helps security analysts save time by revealing which events they can ignore. We do this by curating data on IPs that saturate security tools with noise. This unique perspective helps analysts confidently ignore irrelevant or harmless activity, creating more time to uncover and investigate true threats. This data is delivered through our SIEM, SOAR, and TIP integrations, API, command-line tool, bulk data, and visualizer. 

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