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Social Links CE

By Social Links Software BV.
Retrieve data from ZoomEye, Shodan, SecurityTrails, Skype, and Social Links database.
Social Links CE integration in Maltego
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Disclaimer: Maltego is continuously striving to provide users with information about data sources so that they can make the right decisions regarding their investigative work. Social Links has informed us, that they are willing to provide an audit by an international consulting firm, asserting that Social Links has no economic ties with the Russian Federation, that none of the company’s UBOs are under sanction, that the company is headquartered in the United States, and that the IT infrastructure is in the EU. Please contact hello@sociallinks.io for further information. Interested parties will be required to provide KYC information and sign an NDA.

(The Maltego Team, Update on Dec. 27, 2022, initial statement from March 24, 2022)

Social Links CE is a free plugin to retrieve data from ZoomEye, Shodan, SecurityTrails, Censys, Rosette, Skype, Documentcloud, Social Links own database, Companies search (Offshores, CompaniesHouse), etc.

Typical Users of This Data

  • Cyber Security Professionals
  • Students studying OSINT

Pricing & Access

Community Hub

Available for users with Maltego CE.

  • Click-and-Run: Simply install the Hub item on your Maltego Desktop Client and start using it.

Commercial Hub

Users with Maltego One have the following access or purchase options:

  • Click-and-Run: Simply install the Hub item on your Maltego Desktop Client and start using it.


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About Social Links

Social Links is a providor of tools and methods for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT). Location based investigations, Company based Investigations, Person based investigations, Key word investigations, Data enrichment, DarkWeb investigations, Social Media monitoring, Messengers and many more.

For more information, visit https://sociallinks.io/.

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