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By Maltego Technologies
Identify persons, companies, vessels or crypto wallets on or related to a sanction list.
# Company Data # Cryptocurrency # Criminal Investigation # Due Diligence
OpenSanctions Transforms for Maltego

OpenSanctions Transforms for Maltego

Using the OpenSanctions integration for Maltego, investigators can identify which persons, companies, vessels or crypto wallets are on a sanctions list, or linked to a sanctioned entity, as well as to see if a person is a political official or a wanted criminal. Its fully auditable open-source intelligence platform features rich profiles for targeted entities including known aliases, biographical details, phone numbers, emails, and links to other entities, including family, associates, business directorships, ownerships and other links. OpenSanctions enables investigators to find person of interest and investigate them and their associations thoroughly.

OpenSanctions can be used as a starting point for mapping out linked assets—in particular company holdings and other activities—by combining the integration with company-centric Transforms for OpenCorporates, OCCRP Aleph, Orbis and Maltego’s many other personal identifier data integrations.

Typical Users of OpenSanctions Data

  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporate Investigators
  • Compliance and Due Diligence Teams
  • Asset Recovery and Anti-Corruption Experts
  • Investigative Journalists

Integration Benefits

Enhance due diligence investigations

Find out if a person, company, vessel, or cryptocurrency address is linked to a sanctioned target or a political decision-maker.

Uniquely identify individuals and companies

Find detailed profiles of companies and people of interest, including government identifiers, date and place of birth, phone numbers, emails and addresses.

Trace links between companies and people

Explore a deep graph of network connections for sanctioned and political entities, with pre-made connections to OpenCorporates and other databases (GLEIF, ICIJ OffshoreLeaks, OpenStreetMap).

Audit data by going back to official data sources

Every record in OpenSanctions points to its data source, including US, EU, UK and other international governmental databases and publications. They identify the time they were first observed and are updated daily.

Leverage OpenSanctions Data for

Due Diligence of Sanctioned People and Companies

Quickly identify direct and indirect sanctions targets from more than 25 different government lists, as well as several non-government lists of persons of interest.

Identifying Political Risk and Exposure in Business Deals

Doing business with politically exposed persons (PEPs) and their associates carries an enhanced corruption risk. Know which people are politically connected in more than 200 countries and territories.

Exploring Networks of Illicit Actors

Browse a rich graph of relationships, including family structures, business involvement, corporate hierarchies and addresses.
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Pricing & Access

Community Hub
Users with Maltego Community Edition.
Click-and-Run Limited (CE)
Simply install the Hub item and start using it with a data allowance of 20 Transform runs per month.
Commercial Hub
Users with a Maltego Pro or Enterprise subscription have the following purchase options.
Click-and-Run Limited (Pro)
Simply install the Hub item and start using it with a data allowance of 20 Transform runs per month.
Click-and-Run Limited (Enterprise)
Simply install the Hub item and start using it with a data allowance of 100 Transform runs per month.
Data Subscriptions
Purchase a flexible annual subscription for the OpenSanctions Hub item directly on the Maltego webshop, starting at 1,000€ per year for 500 Transform runs per month per user.



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OpenSanctions Solution in Maltego


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About OpenSanctions

OpenSanctions helps you identify sanctioned people and companies, politicians and their networks. The project has its roots in the investigative journalism community and its goal is to democratize access to due diligence information and enable everyone to conduct in-depth research.

By combining data from more than 50 sources, OpenSanctions have built a rich dataset of criminal networks, sanctioned companies, their managers and subsidiaries, political office-holders (PEPs), and their associates. They query a broad range of third-party company databases to enrich the source data and update their data daily. Learn more about OpenSanctions on their website: