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By Softlist LLC
Most complete database of Ukrainian companies.
# Company Data # Corporate Security & Business Risk # Due Diligence
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EntitiesUA is a database of Ukrainian companies by Softlist LLC. Investigators will be able to find the complete and reliable information about Government agencies, commercial organizations and individuals of Ukraine just by entering EDPROU or Individual tax number of an individual. With the help of this integration, quickly assess the corporate risks of partners registered in Ukraine.

Typical Users of EntitiesUA

  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporate Investigators
  • Compliance and Due Diligence Teams
  • Asset Recovery and Anti-Corruption Experts
  • Law Enforcement
  • Investigative Journalists

Integration Benefits

Enhance Due Diligence Investigations

Find out if a company from Ukraine is linked to a sanctioned target or a political decision-maker.

Combine Intelligence to Deepen Your Findings

Non-Ukrainian speaking investigators can use DeepL Integration to seamlessly translate data within the graph. Enrich and pivot from your DeepL findings to other valuable data sources on the Transform Hub like LittleSis, OCCRP Aleph, OpenCorporates etc.

Leverage EntitiesUA Integration for

Due Diligence of Companies and Sanctions in Ukraine

Quickly identify company structure and assets and verify counterparties for sanctions, litigation for companies in Ukraine either as part of a workflow process or for on-boarding

Identifying Political Risk and Exposure in Business Deals

Search for complete information about the company, its owners and beneficiaries in Ukraine, identification of persons and organizations cooperating with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus as well as identification of information about cars registered in Ukraine
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Investigator Toolkit September 2023: Cheat Sheets for Faster and Spot-on Workflows


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Softlist LLC

Softlist was founded in 2004 in Ukraine and engaged in the supply and development of software, development and implementation of solutions in the field of information security, design and construction of information infrastructure, supply of network and server equipment.

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