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Farsight DNSDB

By Farsight Security Inc.

Farsight DNSDB Transforms for Maltego

With Maltego Transforms for Farsight, investigators can correlate and contextualize with real-time and historical DNS intelligence; also known as passive DNS data. Using these Transforms, users can expose entire networks, gain an outside-in view of their infrastructure and pivot across DNS record types. With Wildcard searches, expose hostnames/FQDNs, associated domains and further pivoting across IPs to expose all associated domains, FQDNs, IPs, MX, NX, and other record types.


  • Gain access to historical DNS intelligence/passive DNS data
  • Pivot across DNS record types such as IPs, NX, MX, AAAA, SOA and many more data sources to have a comprehensive view

Typical Users of this data

  • Security Analysts
  • Threat Intel Teams
  • Incident Response Teams

Pricing & Access

Pricing Tier:

Free Trial

  • Instant access on Maltego Client
  • No Registration Required
  • No API Key required
  • 12 queries/hour rate limit

30-day Free Trial

Hub Type: Commercial Hub and Community Hub

Requirements: For full solution access, users require Maltego Classic/XL license & Farsight DNSDB


Access: For sales inquiry or to purchase an API key, kindly reach out to

About Farsight Security

Farsight Security provides real-time actionable threat intelligence to increase the value of threat data for the enterprise, government and security industries. Leveraging proprietary technology purpose-built to manage high volumes of data and real-time analysis, Farsight observes over 200,000 DNS resolutions per second.

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