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By ThreatConnect Inc.
Model the relationships between malware, domains, IPs, and other indicators, threats, and personas.
ThreatConnect integration in Maltego
Malware TTPs Red Teaming Threat Intelligence

ThreatConnect Tranforms for Maltego

The ThreatConnect Platform provides intelligence from a diverse set of data sources such as Open Source data from OSINT Feeds, Blogs, or RSS Feeds; or indicators being sent from a threat intel feed provided by an ISAC or Premium Provider. The ThreatConnect Transforms allows for data from ThreatConnect to be integrated with the capabilities of Maltego.

With more than 100 Transforms to query and pivot through ThreatConnect’s data, investigators can easily model threat and the relationships between malware, domains, IPs, and other indicators to the incidents they were observed in, threats they are associated to, or adversary personas.


  • Visualize the relationship between incidents, threats, adversaries, and indicators
  • Uncover relationships between your private data in ThreatConnect and Community Data
  • Leverage attributes belonging to indicators and threats to create Maltego graphs without losing any of the contextual data within ThreatConnect
  • Pivot from ThreatConnect data and external open source data sources using other transform sets within Maltego

Typical Users of This Data

  • Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • Incident Responder
  • Security Operations

Pricing & Access

Community Hub

Available only with a Maltego commercial license.

Commercial Hub

Users with Maltego One have the following access or purchase options:

  • Bring Your Own Key (Purchase Separately): For full solution access, plug in your existing API key or reach out to us using the form below for purchase inquiry.



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About ThreatConnect

ThreatConnect is a provider of TIP and SOAR solutions. It fuses intelligence, automation, orchestration,and response to enable organizations of any size to be more predictive, proactive, and efficient.

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