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Standard Transforms

By Maltego Technologies
Standard Transforms integration in Maltego
Cybersecurity Geospatial Anti-terrorism CERT

Maltego Standard Transforms

Note: A detailed walkthrough of some key use-cases of these Transforms is available in the documentation .

These are the default OSINT Transforms that ship with every Maltego client by default.

This Hub item combines OSINT Transforms by Maltego Technologies, the Paterva CTAS Transforms, as well as others.

With over 150 Transforms, the Maltego Standard Transforms enable investigators to perform a vast range of standard Maltego use-cases, including:

  • Infrastructure footprinting
  • Discovering related domains and infrastructure
  • Analyzing live and historical web content
  • Extracting and mapping document metadata
  • Investigating social media handles and E-Mail addresses
  • Analyzing documents via natural language processing

and many more.

The Standard Transforms are useful for nearly all kinds of investigations commonly done in Maltego and include both specialized and generic Transforms to supplement the functionality of other Hub items.

For more detailed information on each Transform as well as different use-cases, please refer to our documentation .

alt Maltego Standard Transforms

Pricing & Access

Pricing Tier: Free

Hub Type: Commercial Hub and Community Hub

Requirements: All Maltego editions

Access: Install directly from Transform Hub on Maltego Desktop Client (usually already installed by default).


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