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Digital Shadows

By Digital Shadows Ltd.
Digital Shadows integration in Maltego
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Digital Shadows Transforms for Maltego

Digital Shadow’s Threat Intelligences has a wide collection of sources such as dark web and criminal forums, social media, technical information, and more.

With these Transforms, investigators can query the Digital Shadows cyber threat intelligence database and pivot from all of the Entities supported by the database to investigate and explore Entities associated with incidents – such as actors, campaigns, events and TTPs.


  • With 80+ Transforms, investigators can query and visualise intelligence based on more than 100 million data sources in 27 languages
  • Pivot from Entities in order to explore the Digital Shadows data and map out relationships between Entities to better understand the threats that are targeting your organization
  • Perform analysis on a specific actor, campaign, event or keyword in order to gain better insight into their threat landscape
  • Query dark web and IRC text search to analyze data from Tor, I2P, criminal sites and IRC conversations

Typical Users of This Data

  • Threat Intelligence Teams

Pricing & Access

Pricing Tier: Paid

Transform Hub Type: Commercial Hub

Requirements: For full solution access, Maltego One, Classic or XL license and Digital Shadows API subscription

Access: For sales inquiry or to purchase an API key, kindly reach out to Maltego using the form below.


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About Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows minimizes digital risk by identifying unwanted exposure and protecting against external threats. Organizations can suffer regulatory fines, loss of intellectual property, and reputational damage when digital risk is left unmanaged.

With Digital Shadows portal - Searchlight customers can consume analysis of the latest threats, tools, campaigns, and news. Digital Shadows has a team of 50 global threat intelligence analysts speaking over 20 languages, and employing a range of structured analytical techniques to provide rigorous analyses of the latest threats and threat actors. This is presented through their intelligence summaries, RFIs, or in their intelligence repository. Minimize these risks by detecting data loss, securing your online brand, and reducing your attack surface.

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