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By Maltego Technologies
Identify potential phishing domains and perform phishing detection.
# Infrastructure & Network Information

DNSTwist Transforms for Maltego

The DNSTwist data integration with Maltego provides a powerful tool for security researchers and analysts to quickly identify potential phishing domains and perform phishing detection as part of their investigations. This Integration allows for the visualization of the results within the Maltego graph, making it easier to identify patterns and relationships between domains and automate the phishing detection process. By combining the capabilities of DNSTwist and Maltego, security professionals could more efficiently detect and analyze potential threats to better protect their systems and networks.

Typical Users of DNSTwist

  • Cybersecurity Analysts
  • Threat Intelligence Analysts
  • Fraud Analysts

Integration Benefits

Detect Phishing Domains

This integration allows security researchers and analysts to perform phishing detection as part of their investigations, saving time and effort in identifying potential threats.

Improved Threat Intelligence

This Integration provides security researchers and analysts with valuable insights into phishing domains and adversaries’ tactics and infrastructure, helping to enhance their overall threat intelligence.

Effective Incident Response

DNSTwist and Maltego provide security professionals with an efficient and effective way to respond to incidents related to phishing, as they have a better understanding of the threats and relationships between domains.

Leverage DNSTwist for

Threat Intelligence

The integration can be used to identify and analyze potential phishing domains, providing valuable insights into the tactics used by cybercriminals. This information can be used to enhance the overall threat intelligence of an organization.

Cybersecurity Investigation

The integration can be used to quickly identify and analyze potential phishing domains as part of a cybersecurity investigation. The visual representation of the results within the Maltego graph can make it easier to understand the relationships between domains and identify potential threats.

Brand Protection

The integration can be used as part of a brand protection effort to monitor for potential malicious domains that could damage the reputation of a company or brand. This can help companies stay ahead of potential threats to their brand and ensure the protection of their online reputation.
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DNSTwist is a tool for detecting phishing domains that use subtle variations of a target domain name in order to deceive unsuspecting victims. The tool generates similar-looking domain names based on the target domain, checks if they have been registered and calculates their visual and HTML similarity to the target domain. This helps security researchers, administrators, and users identify potentially malicious domains that might be used in phishing attacks. Learn more about DNSTwist at