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By Social Links Inc.
An all-in-one OSINT solution for conducting in-depth investigations across social media, blockchains, messengers, and the Dark Web.
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Social Links Professional

Disclaimer: Maltego is continuously striving to provide users with information about data sources so that they can make the right decisions regarding their investigative work. Social Links has informed us, that they are willing to provide an audit by an international consulting firm, asserting that Social Links has no economic ties with the Russian Federation, that none of the company’s UBOs are under sanction, that the company is headquartered in the United States, and that the IT infrastructure is in the EU. Please contact for further information. Interested parties will be required to provide KYC information and sign an NDA.

(The Maltego Team, Update on Dec. 27, 2022, initial statement from March 24, 2022).

Social Links is a global OSINT (open source intelligence) provider based in the US that empowers investigators and security professionals with ground-breaking AI-powered products.

Social Links assembles massive volumes of data and deep insights from 500+ open sources in social media, blockchain and darknet and visualizes a holistic picture for data-driven decisions and investigations.

Among Social Links’ customers, there are companies from S&P 500 and Law Enforcement agencies from 50+ countries across the globe.

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Typical Users of Social Links Professional Data

  • Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)
  • Detective and Investigators
  • Corporate Security
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Legal Professionals

Integration Benefits

People Search

Search through an exclusive set of 2,000 public sources with leaked data containing 1.3 billion identity datasets.

Social Networks

Combine an expansive set of search methods for all major social networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tinder, Snapchat, TikTok and more.


Retrieve a range of data from WhatsApp, Telegram, and other popular messengers.


Gain full anonymous access to more than 30 popular Darknet resources such as Dread, 8chan, Raddle, and more. Search by PGP key, and archive Darknet pages.


Delve into corporate sources including OpenCorporates, CompaniesHouse, Offshores, and Google Companies.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchains

View transactions, addresses, destinations, senders, and tokens from all main cryptocurrency blockchains.

Public Databases

Search the world’s largest Yellow Papers and White Papers, company registries, and public documents.

Facial Recognition

Biometrics based on machine learning, allowing the user to locate an individual across a range of visual content even if the subject’s image has changed.

Object Detection

Image recognition algorithms which identify particular objects within an image, such as weapons, flags, and other items crucial for the investigation. Third-Party Integrations Access Pipl, WhoisXML, SecurityTrails, and more (relevant API keys required).

Leverage Social Links Professional Data for

Law Enforcement

Social Links greatly increases the speed and effectiveness of investigative work spanning criminal cases, counter-terrorism, and national security.


Cybersecurity professionals can improve the incident response, identify data breaches and develop a complete picture of cyberattacks to anticipate future breaches.

Corporate Security

By tapping into open source data, companies can gain crucial insights for conducting superior due diligence, evidence collection, risk management and fraud investigation.
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Pricing & Access

Community Hub
Available only with a Maltego commercial license.
Commercial Hub
Users with a Maltego One license have the following purchase options.
Data Subscription
To purchase an annual data subscription or get a demo or trial, please contact Social Links at
Bring Your Own Key
For full solution access, plug in your existing API key or reach out to us using the form below for purchase inquiry.


Case Studies

Investigation into Europe’s Shadow Army: Exploitation of Refugees in the European Union


How to Conduct Person of Interest Investigations with Maltego


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About Social Links

Social Links is a provider of tools and methods for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT), location based investigations, Company based Investigations, Person based investigations, Key word investigations, Data enrichment, DarkWeb investigations, Social Media monitoring, Messengers and many more. For more information, visit