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Cross-reference IP Addresses, domains, hashes, URLs, and other IOCs with internal intelligence.
Splunk integration for Maltego
Endpoint & Security Events Incident Response Threat Hunting

Splunk Enterprise Integration for Maltego 

Splunk is a software platform used for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and visualizing machine-generated log data in real-time. It provides insights to technology infrastructure, security systems, and various business applications that help drive operational performance and business results. 

The Splunk Enterprise integration for Maltego combines the full advantage of the Splunk Common Information Model (CIM) with the investigative capabilities of link analysis. SOC teams and cyber security and threat analysts alike can easily query the following CIM data models: 

  • Authentication 
  • Endpoint 
  • Malware 
  • Network Resolution 
  • Network Sessions 
  • Network Traffic 
  • Vulnerabilities 

Investigators can also perform raw searches, using Splunk’s Search Processing Language to get other events that may not yet be part of the data models. 

Splunk use case in Maltego

  • SOCs and CERTs
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Analysts
  • Trust and Safety Teams

Integration Benefits

Leverage Splunk Integration for

Incident Response
Analyze and investigate Splunk alerts by exploring and visualizing details of Splunk events, network logs, timestamps, accounts, and more. Pivot directly from Splunk data to threat intelligence feeds to enrich your security analysis.
Vulnerability Assessment
Enrich information associated with Hash Entities and check for relevant indicators of compromise (IOCs) in Splunk to minimize investigative time and protect your organization’s network.
Threat Hunting
Improve & automate your threat hunting process by pivoting from Threat Intelligence Reports to IOCs and Splunk events in minutes instead of hours, with the enrichment provided by our Free and Paid Intelligence vendors.

Pricing & Access

Community Hub
Available only with a Maltego commercial license.
Commercial Hub
Users with a Maltego One license and an Enterprise plan have the following purchase options.
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