Maltego empowers investigators to speed up and increase the precision of their investigations through easy data integration in a single interface, aided by powerful visualization and collaborative capabilities to quickly zero in on relevant information. Mine, merge, and map all your essential intelligence in one place, and uncover hidden truths with Maltego!

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Who we are

Maltego has roots all over the world. With over 27 nationalities, we aim to create a diverse team of people to build and promote the most intuitive investigative platform.

Since its development in 2008, Maltego has empowered millions of investigations worldwide. Maltego is used by a broad audience, from security professionals and pen testers to forensic investigators, investigative journalists, and market researchers. Headquartered in Munich, Maltego works with customers including the Federal Bureau of Investigations, INTERPOL, and major tech and service companies including half of the DOW 30.

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