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By Maltego Technologies
Convert unstructured cyber threat intelligence (CTI) into structured, actionable data.
# Vulnerabilities # Incident Response # Threat Hunting
Elemendar Integration in Maltego

Elemendar Integration in Maltego

Elemendar READ’s integration with Maltego Transforms the landscape of cyber threat intelligence analysis by enabling the extraction and processing of unstructured CTI into structured, actionable data. This integration leverages READ’s AI-driven capabilities to analyze and categorize threat information from diverse sources such as URLs, PDF files, and free-form text, significantly enhancing the speed and accuracy of threat detection.

Utilizing Elemendar’s advanced machine learning-powered NLP engine, the integration categorizes entities using the STIX standard and matches them against the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This process not only facilitates a deeper understanding of cyber threats but also aids in identifying intricate attack patterns and relationships.

The integration’s user-configurable outputs and RESTful API ensure that it seamlessly fits into existing security workflows. This feature allows for complete automation and orchestration of CTI processing, thereby boosting operational efficiency and response capabilities in cybersecurity environments.

Typical users of Elemendar integration

  • Threat Intelligence Analysts (TIAs)
  • Cybersecurity Operations Teams: (CSOTs) & (CISOs)
  • Forensic and Incident Response Analysts (FIRAs)

Integration Benefits

Comprehensive Source Integration

READ’s compatibility with various data sources, including URLs, PDFs, and free-form text, ensures a more holistic view of cyber threats. This diverse data intake enhances the depth and breadth of CTI analysis.

Enhanced Data Extraction and Structuring

Elemendar READ’s ability to transform unstructured CTI into structured, actionable data streamlines the analysis process. This integration significantly reduces the time and effort needed to process and understand complex threat information.

Advanced Analysis with Machine Learning

Utilizing Elemendar’s machine learning-powered NLP engine, the integration provides sophisticated analysis of extracted text. This enables more accurate identification of threat patterns and relationships, enhancing the overall quality of CTI.

Seamless Workflow Integration and Automation

The integration offers user-configurable outputs and a RESTful API, enabling seamless incorporation into existing security workflows. This feature facilitates complete automation and orchestration of CTI processing, increasing operational efficiency.

Leverage Elemendar for

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis

The integration significantly enhances the capability to analyze and operationalize cyber threat intelligence. By converting unstructured data into structured intelligence, it allows for rapid identification and analysis of emerging threats, patterns, and vulnerabilities, aiding organizations in proactive defence strategies.

Incident Response and Forensics

In incident response and forensic scenarios, the integration’s ability to quickly process vast amounts of data enables faster identification of attack vectors and threat actors. This speeds up the response time to cyber incidents and assists in detailed forensic analysis.

Vulnerability Assessment

The integration aids in vulnerability assessment by correlating extracted CTI with known vulnerabilities and attack patterns. This allows organisations to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in their systems based on real-time threat intelligence, enhancing their overall security posture.
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Terms and Conditions

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About Elemendar

Elemendar, globally trusted by governments and businesses for its intelligence-led security solutions, excels in risk management and cyber risk mitigation. The company’s focus is on automating cyber threat intelligence processing with a blend of AI and human expertise, enhancing organizational defense against cyber threats. Elemendar’s innovative AI technology skillfully transforms human-authored CTI into structured, actionable data, facilitating the efficient conversion of extensive CTI into insightful, actionable intelligence for effective threat analysis and mitigation.

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