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Explore influence and connections of politicians, CEOs, world leaders, and other high-profile figures.
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LittleSis integration for Maltego

LittleSis Transforms for Maltego 

LittleSis (opposite of “Big Brother”) is a grassroots watchdog network connecting the dots between the world’s most influential people and organizations, including politicians, business leaders, lobbyists, financiers, and their affiliated institutions. The data derives from government filings, news articles, and other reputable sources that are public and scattered across the internet. 

LittleSis helps answer questions such as: 

  • Who do the wealthiest Americans donate their money to? 
  • Where did White House officials work before they were appointed? 
  • Which lobbyists are married to politicians, and who do they lobby for? 

Using the LittleSis Transforms in Maltego, investigators can discover politicians, CEOs, world leaders, and other high-profile figures to explore their spheres of influence and to see how they are connected with one another in a visual way. 

LittleSis use case in Maltego

Typical Users of LittleSis Data

  • Trust & Safety Teams
  • Investigative Journalists
  • NGOs & Activists
  • Think Tanks

Integration Benefits

Visualize Relationships between Political and Business Figures

Map both professional and personal relationships (such as employment history and marital partnerships) of influential figures in the political and business spheres in a visualized way.

Combined Intelligence to Deepen Your Findings

Enrich and pivot from your LittleSis findings to other valuable databases like OCCRP Aleph, OpenCorporates, Pipl, and other identity and company data sources to deepen your investigations.

Leverage LittleSis Data for

Anti-Corruption Investigations

Discover and explore relationships between high-level political and business actors to aid anti-corruption investigations, identify potential accomplices, and gather supportive intelligence.

Investigative Journalism

Gain an understanding of how different politicians, business figures, and organizations connect with one another and deepen your investigative research using the LittleSis database.

Other Investigations

The LittleSis data integration serves as a powerful go-to for investigators to easily and quickly obtain relational references in any investigations involving political figures or business leaders.
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Pricing & Access

Community Hub
Available for users with Maltego CE.
Simply install the Hub item on your Maltego Desktop Client and start using it.
Commercial Hub
Users with Maltego One have the following access or purchase options:
Simply install the Hub item on your Maltego Desktop Client and start using it.



Investigator Toolkit July 2023: Cheat Sheets for Faster and Spot-on Workflows

Technical Docs

Maltego Technical Documentation for LittleSis


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About LittleSis

LittleSis is a free database detailing the connections between powerful people and organizations. We bring transparency to influential social networks by tracking the key relationships of politicians, business leaders, lobbyists, financiers, and their affiliated institutions. 

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