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What is Maltego?

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Cyber Security Operations

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Accelerate complex SOC investigations from hours to minutes

Law Enforcement

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Access distributed data in one place, analyze intelligence & collaborate

Trust & Safety

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Fight fraud, abuse and insider threat with Maltego
The Power of Transforms
Transforms are small pieces of code that automatically fetch data from different sources and return the results as visual entities in the desktop client. Transforms are the central elements of Maltego using a point-and-click logic to run analyses.
Explore step-by-step.
Transforms are designed to build on each other, so you can create complex graphs.
Automate in a click.
Execute a set of Transforms in a pre-defined sequence to automate routines and workflows.
Create your own queries.
Use the Transform Development Toolkit to write and customize your own Transforms, and to integrate new data sources.
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