About Us

Maltego Technologies GmbH is your partner for all Maltego products and provider of all Maltego-related services. It was founded in 2017 and is based in Munich, Germany.

The Maltego application is a visual link analysis tool that, out the box, comes with open source intelligence (OSINT) plugins – called transforms. The tool offers real-time data mining and information gathering as well as the representation of this information on a node based graph making patterns and multiple order connections between said information easily identifiable.

Maltego Desktop

There are four types of Maltego desktop applications available each tailored for different purposes.

  • Maltego XL

    Maltego XL is a solution to visualise large data sets and can handle hundreds of thousands of entities on a single graph.

  • Maltego Classic

    Maltego Classic is the original version of Maltego and includes access to all Maltego's standard OSINT transforms. Maltego Classic allows users to visualise up to 10 000 pieces of information and the relationships between them.

  • Maltego CE

    Maltego CE is the community edition of Maltego and is available for free after a quick registration. It offers the same functionality as Maltego Classic with a few limitations.

  • Maltego CaseFile

    CaseFile is our answer to the offline intelligence problem. Combining Maltego's fantastic graph and link analysis functionality this tool allows for analysts to examine links between offline data.

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Maltego Servers

Maltego Technologies offer four types of servers solutions that are listed below.

  • CTAS

    CTAS stands for Commercial Transform Application Server and is a server that includes all the transforms found on Paterva’s public server. By purchasing this server you will have your own private transform server with the benefits of using your own infrastructure to host it. This is specifically applicable to clients who do not want any of their data travelling to Paterva's infrastructure.

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  • iTDS

    iTDS is our internal Transform Distribution Server and gives you the ability to allow custom transforms to be managed, shared and distributed from a central point within your organisation. This server is suited for organisations who are building transforms that integrate with their own (internal) data and want to share these transforms with multiple Maltego clients on their internal network.

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  • Comms

    The communications server is used to host shared graph sessions and is identical to Paterva’s public communications server which is free to use. Purchasing your own Comms server will allow you to host shared graph sessions without the session traffic going over Paterva’s servers.

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Interested in a server?

Our staff would be happy to provide advice for the server setup best suited for your use case.

Please contact us to discuss our servers.

Services we offer

  • Training

    Maltego Technologies offer a two day hands-on course packed with practical exercises using real world data, giving participants real world experience with the tool whilst being trained by the very people that developed the tool.

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  • Consulting

    By building your own transforms you can integrate nearly any data source into Maltego allowing you to easily visualise the relationships in your information. If you are interested in Maltego Technologies assisting your organisation with data integration please send us an email and someone will get back to you.