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Welcome to the Maltego Community

Our core mission is to empower our investigator community around the world to do their best work and solve investigations.​

What is the Maltego Community? ​

Our incredible community, ranging from students to enterprise customers and from pentesters to investigative journalists, is the driving force behind Maltego! ​ We are committed to developing great products to empower investigators worldwide.​

Get Engaged ​

We are continuously striving to make the best product for you. Send us your ideas and we will try to implement them.

Suggest new integrations​

Submit ideas for new integrations for the Transform Hub!

Host your local meet-up​

Host regional meetups and spread the word about the latest Maltego developments and case studies.​

Collaborate on content​

Share your use cases and work and get featured on our website!​
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Maltego License Programs​ ​

In order to spur innovation in our community, we offer limited duration license programs. Watch this space to stay tuned.

Maltego Academic and Non-Profit Program​

- Not accepting applications -

Maltego COVID-19 License Program​

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Our Academic and Research Partners

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