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By District4 Labs
Enhance your OSINT capabilities by leveraging growing repository of global compromised credentials and other Person of Interest data.
# Breaches & Leaks # Deep and Dark Web # Corporate Security & Business Risk # Due Diligence
District4 integration for Maltego

Darkside Transforms for Maltego

District4’s flagship product, Darkside, is an open-source data solution that leverages one of the largest repositories of compromised credentials and other person of interest data. With over 40 billion records and millions of new records added daily from deep and dark web sources around the globe, Darkside is truly at the cutting edge of cyber threat intelligence data. This data is essential for any online investigation, especially those involving adversarial or anonymous threat actors.

When paired with the link analysis power of Maltego, qualified/vetted investigators can quickly pivot off email addresses, domains, IP addresses, names, passwords and other person of interest data to unravel a subject’s online presence; identify threat actors; determine a company’s breach exposure and perform cutting-edge OSINT investigations.

district4 Transforms on Maltego

Typical users of Darkside Transforms

  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Due Diligence & Investigations Researchers
  • Third Party Risk Analysts
  • Threat Intelligence Teams
  • Corporate Security Stakeholders
  • Investigative Agencies

Integration Benefits

Determine Individual and Corporate PII Exposure

District4’s repositories include data going back 20+ years and is constantly being updated with new records from compromised organizations and websites from all over the world, large and small. With this integration, investigators can unravel an individual or company’s online presence and determine the extent to which their or their customers’ or employees’ PII has been exposed.

Enrich Person of Interest Investigations

Investigators can build out a holistic picture of a subject’s online presence using Darkside data and combine it with other data sources on the Transform Hub.

Super-charge Investigations

Pivot within Darkside data and identify otherwise unidentifiable Person Of Interest data or to search other integrated sources.

Leverage Darkside data for

Threat Attribution

Investigators and threat analysts responding to anonymous threats can leverage Darkside to quickly determine the real-world identity of individuals behind anonymous email addresses, phone numbers, domains, IP addresses, usernames, and social media profiles.

Corporate Dark Web Exposure

Pen-testers, corporate security investigators and risk analysts can utilize our 40 billion+ records to search by corporate IP address or company domain to determine the extent to which a company’s employees or customers have been compromised and then use that information to aid in a penetration test, protect customers/employees or to help determine cyber risk.

Social Media Intelligence & Due Diligence Investigations

Due Diligence researchers, corporate investigators, and OSINT collectors can leverage our 40 billion record database to build out a holistic picture of a subject’s online presence.
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Pricing & Access

Community Hub
Only available with Maltego commercial plans.
Commercial Hub
Users with a Maltego One license have the following purchase options.

Simply install the Hub item and start using the Transforms in your Maltego plan

  • Maltego Enterprise: 20 Transform Runs / month
Data Subscription

Purchase annual data subscriptions by reaching out to

Kindly note that each data subscription purchase is subject to a Know Your Customer (KYC) vetting process according to the respective terms of use for the data in question. Due to the often-sensitive nature of data, access is generally reserved for vetted organizations with legitimate use cases commonly associated with organizations. Thus, after placing an order request in the web-shop or via our sales team, customers need to undergo a KYC vetting process before the purchase can be completed and they can make use of the data subscription.

Bring Your Own Key
Plug in your Darkside API key to install and use the Transforms in Maltego.



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About District4

District4 Labs is an open-source data company founded by investigators for investigators. Our flagship product, Darkside, leverages one of the largest compromised records repositories in the world to deliver unique insight into companies, individuals and infrastructure.

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