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By Polonious Systems
Query, create, or maintain cases, people, companies, or other entities between Polonious and Maltego.
Polonious integration in Maltego
Others Criminal Investigation Due Diligence

Polonious Transforms for Maltego

Polonious is an investigation management platform built to support many use cases, from Fraud to KYC to Incident Management. Scalable for teams of 2-3 to 400+, Polonious can be configured to build efficiency & consistency into your business processes.

The Polonious two-way integration allows investigators or analysts to query cases, people, companies, or other entities in Polonious in real-time. However, if you start your investigation in Maltego, you easily create a case in Polonious and send people, companies, and other entities to your new case. This combination of technologies gives you all the benefits of visual analysis in Maltego, with the addition of full case management capabilities provided by Polonious to investigators worldwide.

Polonious is an ideal fit for any organization with cloud or on-premise deployment options meeting the strictest security requirements.

Benefits of the Integration

  • The Polonious integration completes the end-to-end investigation or intelligence life cycle. Once you have carried out your research in Maltego, Polonious Case Management System provides you with the ability to store that research and progress the investigation. With the two-way integration, you can start your research from Polonious or Maltego.
  • Visualize data from the Polonious Case Management System in Maltego, quickly identify links between people, companies, and entities, .i.e. suspects and entities on multiple cases.
  • With over 70 dedicated Transforms, visualize data from the Polonious Case Management System in Maltego, quickly identify links between people, companies, and entities, .i.e. suspects and entities on multiple cases.
  • Apply rigorous process to all investigations, collect and record evidence, Trigger alerts and notifications from Transforms
  • Store complete graphs as PDFs or MTG Files.
  • Capture key evidence and notify analysts
  • See people, companies, and entities linked to multiple cases

Typical Users of This Integration

  • Special Investigation Units
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Security Analysts
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Compliance Teams

alt Polonious Transforms for Maltego

Pricing & Access

Community Hub

Available only with a Maltego commercial license.

Commercial Hub

Users with Maltego One have the following access or purchase options:

  • Bring Your Own Key (Purchase Separately): For full solution access, plug in your existing API key or reach out to us using the form below for purchase inquiry.



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About Polonious Systems

Polonious has been the case management tool of choice for investigators around the world since 2004. With use cases from Insurance Fraud, Counterfeit Investigations, Cyber Investigations to non-investigation based business processes, our powerful capabilities have made life simpler for users and management teams. In addition, our highly configurable system ensures Polonious fits around your organisation’s existing processes, delivering value from day one. 

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