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By Maltego Technologies
Access over 3 billion online identities that have been cross-referenced and indexed for accuracy and speed.
Pipl integration in Maltego
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Pipl Transforms for Maltego

Pipl’s identity resolution engine connects the world’s personal, professional, and social identity data to give analysts and investigators an unmatched global index of over 3 billion online identities. Using Pipl data, investigators can:

  • Quickly locate persons of interest
  • Uncover associations between people, addresses, phones and social handles
  • Determine the credibility of sources, witnesses or suspects
  • Track changes in historical identity information
  • Connect personal, professional, and social information

With the new Pipl Connector for Maltego, investigators can query Pipl’s SEARCH and data API to access over 3 billion online identities that have been cross-referenced and indexed for accuracy and speed. You‘ll reduce case resolution time while exposing new dimensions that would take weeks or months to discover using traditional tools and sources.

Introducing Data Subscriptions for Pipl!

Data subscriptions are available for purchase in our webshop on a monthly or annual subscription basis, with multiple data quota options. Customers who are interested in utilizing Pipl data can head over to our webshop and purchase a data subscription starting at $ 49 for 50 matches per month.

Benefits of Data Subscriptions

  • Flexible subscription duration
  • Flexible data quotas
  • Quick online purchase

Pipl Transforms for Maltego

Frequently Asked Questions​

Pricing & Access

Community Hub

Available only with a Maltego commercial license.

Commercial Hub

Users with Maltego One have the following access or purchase options:

  • Data Subscriptions: Simply purchase our flexible data subscription (data subscriptions) on our webshop.
  • Bring Your Own Key (Purchase Separately): For full solution access, plug in your existing API key or reach out to us using the form below for purchase inquiry.


By clicking on "Send Message", you agree to the processing of the data you entered and you allow us to contact you for the purpose selected in the form. For further information, see our Data Privacy Policy.

About Pipl

Pipl is the world’s leading provider of online identity information. With over 3 billion identities, Pipl is the choice of professional investigators worldwide for rich identity information that speeds investigations and reveals hard-to-find connections.

Investigators can search with multiple parameters including names, email addresses, phone numbers, or social usernames to access comprehensive profiles including personal, professional, social, demographic, and contact information.

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