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Maltego Grants for Education and Research

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Maltego Grants for Education and Research

Whether you are prepping students for impactful careers in cyber, investigating the abyss of sanctioned businesses or shaping the future of global investigations, Maltego Grants for Education & Research strives to continuously push the boundaries to help solve some of modern society’s toughest problems.

Our Teams support academia, researchers, trainers and non-profit organizations by fostering a community where collaborative intelligence thrives. Together, let’s ask the big questions and chase solutions that lead to a meaningful change.

Voices of impact

“Maltego has significantly enhanced innovative training programs for Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Law Enforcement, concentrating on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Darkweb, and Cryptocurrency Investigations as part of a government project. It serves as an invaluable investigative tool for law enforcement officers.”

Dr Kyung-shick Choi
Professor of Practice and Director of Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity Graduate Programs / Boston University MET College

“The recent two-day workshop conducted by Maltego at our law school aimed to enrich our cybersecurity law and policy curriculum by offering our students an in-depth look into the technical aspects of cyber forensic investigations using open source data. This initiative underscored my school’s and Maltego’s shared commitment to providing hands-on, practical learning experiences that bridge the gap between legal theories and their application in the rapidly evolving domain of cybersecurity. The workshop's focus on real-world tools and techniques has stimulated further interest among students in the complexities of cyber forensics.”

Dr. Asaf Lubin
Associate Professor of Law and Fellow at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR), Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Thought Leader

Maltego Grants for Education & Research aims to empower academia, researchers and students to tackle the increasing security risks that have the potential to impede economic development and erode public confidence.

By using evidence-based methods and drawing on recent research in learning assistance, we support Academic Partners in co-developing investigative modules, providing access to training, workshops, practice labs, skills-based resources and lots more

Our Academic Partners are driving real change, read about our impact.

Maltego is committed to empowering non-governmental organizations (NGOs) by providing specialized training and access to our powerful investigative platform. Our goal is to equip NGOs with the tools they need to combat cybercrime and protect global digital assets.

By partnering with us, NGOs will gain the power of collective action, raise public awareness in cyber threats and responsible online behavior and focus on driving innovation and influencing policy. We sponsor research and development initiatives tailored to the specific needs of NGOs.

The Maltego External Trainer Program is designed to equip students and professionals with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively use Maltego for cybersecurity investigations. Through this program, participants will learn to navigate the platform and apply it in various cybersecurity scenarios, enhancing their investigative capabilities.

The External Trainer Program aims to strengthen Maltego's presence in the cybersecurity community. These efforts will create a buzz around Maltego, enhancing brand recognition and reputation within the cybersecurity community. In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, maintaining a state-of-the-art training curriculum is crucial for us.

The Maltego Thought Leader Initiative aims to increase cybersecurity knowledge and help investigators globally. Our goals include helping investigators, engaging with key industry audiences and expanding our reach in the cybersecurity community.

By partnering with influential thought leaders, we create impactful connections that resonate with our audience. By working with industry experts, we ensure that our content is insightful, relevant, and valuable to our users.

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with thought leaders to sustain advocacy and continuously improve the field of CyberSec.

Program Partner Requirements add
  • Must be associated with a registered organization and should be able to provide proof of registration.
  • Must complete the online application
  • Not based in any countries on the BAFA, AML, or OFAC lists
  • Acknowledge the Terms and Conditions
  • Not affiliated with any government organization or agency

Please note that all applications will be thoroughly vetted and partners are allowed onto the program at the discretion of the evaluation committee. 

Become a Maltego Grants Partner

Application to Maltego Grants for Education & Research is open from July 18th to July 31st, 2024. Please submit an online application to be considered as a Partner. READ MORE

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Maltego Grants for Education and Research program?

The program supports academics, students, external trainers, and NGOs by providing tools, resources, and a collaborative platform to enhance their digital and technological projects or research.

Who is eligible to apply for the Maltego Grants for Education and Research program?

Eligibility extends to educational institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), students, and external trainers engaged in significant research or projects in relevant fields.

How can I apply for the program?

Applicants can apply through our online application form available on the Maltego website. The form requires details about your organization, the nature of your project, and how you plan to use Maltego’s resources.

What benefits does the program offer to its partners?

Partners receive free Maltego licenses valid for the duration of their course, project, or research, dedicated support from subject matter experts, opportunities for visibility through our digital channels, and invitations to exclusive events and webinars.

Are there any prerequisites for maintaining the partnership?

Partners are expected to actively use the provided resources, participate in community engagements, and provide feedback on their experience and project progress.

How long does the partnership last?

The duration of the partnership typically aligns with the length of the project, course, or research activity, and can be extended upon review.

Can the grants be used for commercial purposes?

The grants are intended for educational and research purposes only. Commercial use of the resources provided under this program is not permitted without prior agreement.

What kind of support can partners expect from Maltego?

Partners receive comprehensive support, including access to Maltego’s subject matter experts, technical assistance, and regular updates about new features and product enhancements.

How does Maltego ensure the privacy and security of the projects?

Maltego is committed to the highest standards of data protection and ensures that all project information and data are handled with strict confidentiality and security measures.

What opportunities are there for showcasing our work?

Partners have opportunities to showcase their projects and research on Maltego’s website, social media channels, and at various industry conferences and webinars hosted by Maltego. This exposure aims to highlight innovative uses of Maltego and share successes within the community.