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21 Dec 2021

A Look Back at 2021

Maltego Team

As 2021 draws to a close, it is time to reflect as well as recharge for the upcoming year. While learning to adapt to and coexist with the pandemic, we at Maltego are fortunate to have made it through with our health and humor intact, a deep sense of gratitude, and with a much larger team than when we started out!

Here are some of the highlights and important themes that have guided us through the year.

Data at Your Fingertips 🔗︎

The Maltego Transform Hub is continuously growing, providing investigators a broad range of relevant data sources at their fingertips.

In 2021, we added 27 new data integrations with easier and more flexible data access options. We released integrations like STIX2, OpenCTI, and Splunk to further enhance security operations and threat intelligence investigations. We brought investigators closer to the deep & dark web with integrations such as the ATII Hades Project and Cybersixgill. We also introduced a number of handy integrations that can support various use cases and analysis: OCCRP Aleph, Abuse IPDB, LittleSis, IPQualityScore, Google Maps Geocoding, and many more.

Click-and-Run Access to Integrations 🔗︎

Your Maltego plan comes with a number of out-of-the-box OSINT data integrations growing from CE to Pro and Enterprise. We have made these integrations available either completely free or up to a certain monthly volume of Transform runs.

Besides the Maltego Standard Transforms Hub item, these out-of-the-box integrations include OCCRP Aleph,, LittleSis, Wayback Machine, WhoisXML API, Farsight and many more.

Affordable Data Subscriptions for Your Investigations 🔗︎

Our data subscriptions allow investigators to access commercial data sources on a flexible subscription basis. We now offer data subscriptions for person-of-interest investigations, cryptocurrency movement analysis, fraudulent website monitoring, and deep & dark web investigations.

Following the launch of Pipl and CipherTrace data subscriptions in 2020, we released data subscriptions for Intel 471, Scamadviser, and Cybersixgill.

Exclusive Offerings for Maltego Enterprise Plan 🔗︎

Maltego Enterprise Vault 🔗︎

The Maltego Enterprise Vault is an exclusive collection of investigations and case studies developed by our Subject Matter Experts. It allows our Enterprise customers to access not only the graphs and findings of the investigations, but also detailed step-by-step guides and the Maltego graph files. They can open the files in their Maltego Desktop client and explore the data and Entities themselves.

Oauth 2.0 🔗︎

In Maltego, we use OAuth to allow our users to log into third-party providers with their credentials and have an access token returned to the tool. This access token can then be sent to the Transform Server, which in turn can request information from the provider on behalf of the Maltego user. For Enterprise customers using or developing custom Maltego Transforms and integrations, OAuth in Maltego enables them to add user authorization functionally to their Transforms.

Modular Trainings and Other Learning Formats for Your Teams 🔗︎

Due to its wide range of possible use cases ranging from threat intelligence to fraud investigations, Maltego is used by a broad audience, from security professionals and pen testers to forensic investigators, investigative journalists, and market researchers. In order to unlock the full and varied potential of Maltego, we have started offering modular training sessions according to the individual needs of the team. This allows people to learn best practices and investigative techniques and workflows using the right data from Maltego subject matter experts. In addition, you can choose from developer and analyst trainings, as well as on-demand courses, depending on your learning needs.

Adapting to COVID-19 with Hybrid Events 🔗︎

This year, we were lucky enough to be able to begin traveling again within Germany and to Chicago, London, and Italy to meet the Maltego and infosec community in person. We were honored to continue speaking at and participating in online events and training workshops—Black Hat, DarkOps, BSides, Layer 8 Conference, and more.

Next year, we hope to meet more of you in person at a range of events around the world, starting with RSA and BSidesSF in February 2022.

We also enjoyed deep-diving into a wide range of topics and investigations in webinars hosted with our data partners. We demonstrated follow-the-money cryptocurrency investigations with CipherTrace, investigated fake COVID-19 vaccine passports with Intel 471, analyzed the aftermath of SolarWinds SUNBURST attack with Farsight, investigated Iranian misinformation with WhoisXML API, and conducted many other insightful sessions.

Top Maltego Investigations & Resources in 2021 🔗︎

In 2021, our team of Subject Matter Experts put together a number of useful resources for infosec and OSINT professionals, covering topics from OSINT and threat intelligence to using Maltego.

Our most popular resources include:

  1. How to Conduct Person of Interest Investigations Using OSINT and Maltego
  2. Everything About Open Source Intelligence and OSINT Investigations (2021)
  3. Beginners’ Guide: Setting Up Maltego Community Edition
  4. 100+ OSINT & Infesec Resources for You and Your Team
  5. Useful Google Dorks for OSINT Investigations

The Maltego Team Has Grown in Number & Diversity 🔗︎

Without the people behind Maltego, none of these achievements and milestones would be possible. Within a year, we have grown to include more than 15 nationalities and speak 12 languages in our teams. Our footprint reaches different corners of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

This year, we also hosted our very first internal developer hackathon for our Integration Development team across the world. Over the 2-day hackathon, there were almost 1,000 Transforms run, experimental Transforms for over a dozen data sources put into practice, four awards given out, more than 2 crates of caffeinated drinks downed, endless music tracks streamed, and dozens of boxes of pizzas and burgers eaten.

Read more about the people and fun facts behind Maltego in this article, or learn more about how the hackathon went down here!

We would like to take this moment to share some key developments and figures from the past year.

2021 Year in Review at Maltego 🔗︎

2021 Year in Review at Maltego

Thank you for Supporting Maltego in 2021! 🔗︎

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