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05 Mar 2021

Maltego Fun Facts: Meet the People Behind the OSINT Link Analysis Software!

Maltego Team

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Maltego has been an integral part of the investigative process for many analysts, researchers, teams, and organizations worldwide since 2008. Behind the powerful product stands a stellar team that together commits to empowering the investigative community which helps to keep the internet safe every day.

Our team is committed and professional, fun and creative, and extremely diverse. Today, we want to celebrate the people behind Maltego by sharing 10 Maltego fun facts and the work culture that bonds us together—even in times of social distance.

We are also expanding and hiring new talent! If you enjoy reading about our enthusiastic team and lively work environment, check out our open positions and apply now.

Maltego Has A Diverse and International Workplace 🔗︎

Global community is the best word to describe the Maltego workplace. We have homes across the globe and offices worldwide.

Fun Fact 1: We Come from 5 out of 7 Continents 🔗︎

Maltego fun fact: diversity stats

Counting Antarctica as a realistic location for recruitment, our colleagues come from 5 out of 7 continents. Germany, India, and South Africa being the majority, we represent more than 14 nationalities. And yes, that gives us too many national holidays and festivities to celebrate!

Headquartered in Munich, a large majority of our team is based in Germany. Our remote colleagues spread across time zones from Europe to South Africa, India, Zimbabwe, and the rest of the world.

Fun Fact 2: We Speak Too Many Mother Tongues to Count 🔗︎

Maltego fun fact: language stats

English is our primary business language, but of course we each have our own mother tongues. We speak German, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hindi, Greek, Afrikaans, Vietnamese, Sinhala, Irish, Tamil, Shona, and many other languages and dialects.

Fun Fact 3: There Are 4 Creatures in Our Office—Men, Women, Dog, and Squirrel 🔗︎

Maltego fun fact: our office

At Maltego, we have an almost 50-50 ratio between male and female colleagues. We also have a dog who occasionally visits us in the Munich office with his favorite human. In fact, we love the dog so much that we keep his toy in the office—a fluffy, cotton squirrel that hangs out in the hallway. Watching over us are also a giraffe, elephant and rhinoceros that traveled all the way from Pretoria, South Africa.

Our Mouths Water for Different Foods and Drinks 🔗︎

Because of our diverse backgrounds, we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the most important meals of the day.

Maltego fun fact: our foods and drinks

Fun Fact 4: We Start Our Days with Coffee, Tea, or Beer 🔗︎

We have twice as many coffee drinkers than tea drinkers at Maltego. Notably, there are four colleagues whose go-to drink does not contain caffeine—Is it beer o’ clock already?

Fun Fact 5: Most of Us Don’t Mind Breathing Fire 🔗︎

Half of our colleagues like their food spicy and almost one fourth like it ULTRA spicy. Whether it is a sign of great endurance or just plain madness, we’ll reserve judgment on that for another day.

We’re an Active Bunch 🔗︎

We are adventurous people who enjoy spending time in nature, traveling, and bonding with animals. We also have our quiet moments where we like to take time for ourselves.

Maltego fun fact: our hobbies

Fun Fact 6: We Love Mountains as Equally as Waters 🔗︎

A little over half of our colleagues enjoy heading into the mountains on weekends and a bit less than half prefers spending time beside lakes, rivers, and the oceans. In fact, hiking, skiing, sailing, diving, waterfall jumping, and mountain biking are just a few of our outdoor hobbies.

And to the 8% Maltego couch-potatoes, thank you for your honesty.

Fun Fact 7: We Live with a Lot of Interesting Animals 🔗︎

Maltego fun fact: our animals

Many of us have lived with dogs and a few of us with cats, birds, and rabbits. A couple of our colleagues have beautiful aquariums where fish and countless shrimp live. One colleague even lives with a super cool-looking bearded dragon.

Husbands and kids also seem to be popular housemates (just kidding!) and fruit flies, moles, and turtles not so much.

Some of us wish to live with Komodo dragons, sharks, tigers, hedgehogs, and pandas. And of course, how much fun would it be to be with an Inner Pig Dog (Innerer Schweinehund)!

We Enjoy Working Together and Hanging Out After Workhours 🔗︎

The Maltego bond is strong—when it is physically possible and when it is not. We maintain great working relationships and a relaxed, engaged after-work culture.

Fun Fact 8: We Laugh A Lot According to Our Most Frequently Used Emojis 🔗︎

Maltego fun fact: most frequently used emojis

If most frequently used emojis could represent the overall workplace atmosphere at Maltego—we laugh a lot. The most frequently used emojis at Maltego are smiley faces—all sorts—followed by the hysterical laughing-out-loud-with-tears emoji.

We’re also quick to use the thumbs-up emoji, share heart-related emojis. The see-no-evil monkey emoji pops up as a close forth… Whoops!

Fun Fact 9: We Prefer Drinks to Gifts 🔗︎

Maltego fun fact: team events

Over the past year, our team has hosted several regular internal events and get-togethers both in-person (when the situation allows) and online. From grabbing a drink after work to having remote cook-offs, to exchanging Secret Santa gifts and going on a hiking trip, we make sure to keep our team engaged inside and outside of the office.

Our “Thirsty Thursday” get-together is voted our favorite Maltego event, with Secret Santa as a close follow-up. We enjoy a day hike as much as playing Skribbl. Our evening yoga sessions and cultural cook-offs make the personal favorites list for some of us.

We Should Film Our Own Crime Movie 🔗︎

We will make the coolest investigative team ever.

Fun Fact 10: If Maltego Was An Investigative Team… 🔗︎

If we were investigators, we would be quite evenly balanced. A quarter of us would become cybersecurity analysts who safeguard the internet. A quarter would be forensic investigators who find every last piece of evidence. Another quarter choose investigative journalism and uncovering the darkest criminal secrets.

And finally, the rest of us are simply self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes’.

Maltego fun fact: investigators

As investigators, if we could use Maltego to solve anything, more than half of us would be eager to trace a global cartel hidden in the dark market. More than 25% would reveal a large corporation laundering money with cryptocurrency. The rest of us want to uncover a cyber espionage group running phishing campaigns.

There is also one colleague who wants to use Maltego to solve the ultimate case: What movie to watch on Netflix tonight. Yes, that is precisely why Maltego integrates with The Movie Database.

To complete our signature “investigator look,” most of us would love to wear a handsome, beautiful coat. Smart glasses, classic pens and notebooks, and cool hats are also popular fashion accessories.

Some personal choices of other accessories include an Aston Martin, a cigar, bulletproof vest (very practical!), laptop with cool stickers and Maltego, low-key plainclothes, and a not-so-low-key massively overpowered PC with water cooling and LED lights.

If Maltego Was A Crime Movie… 🔗︎

If we were to be any character in a crime movie, removing the investigator option, our interests tend to differ very quickly.

Maltego fun fact: acting in a crime movie

The majority of us would love to be the genius hacker in a crime movie. There would be the same number of leading detectives and sidekicks—every detective deserves their own sidekick—a handful of eagle-eyed forensic pathologists and key witnesses.

Six people would play trees. What can I say? We love the environment.

So That’s Maltego! 🔗︎

We feel extremely lucky every day to work with the amazing people that make up our team. We are proud of our diversity and similarities, passions and obsessions, imaginations and adventures, humor and the occasional quick wit.

Does That Sound Like A Team for You? Apply Now to Join Maltego! 🔗︎

We are actively seeking talent for on-site positions in Munich, Germany as well as remote opportunities worldwide to expand teams of all functions—Technology and Development, Business Operations, and more.

If you are a software engineer seeking opportunities, check out our A Day in the Life of A Maltego Integrations Developer article, where you can learn more about the role and day-to-day activities of our Development Team.

If you are a professional or student in other areas, check out our career page to see the latest job openings. For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and sign up to our email newsletter to stay updated on the latest news, tutorials, and events.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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