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17 Jun 2024

Maltego Academy: Learn How to Be a Top Investigator

Maltego Team

As Maltego officially introduced the Maltego platform to equip our users and customers with more powerful investigative capabilities and data, we continue to be dedicated to empowering every investigator to master our platform and upskill on investigative knowledge. We are very excited to launch Maltego Academy in May 2024, the online learning platform for Maltego which over 3,000 investigators worldwide have already been learning from.

Introducing Maltego Academy 🔗︎

Maltego Academy is your one destination for all training resources for Maltego. Using a mixture of on-demand and live learning formats, Maltego Academy prepares our users to become experts at conducting digital investigations with Maltego.

The learning resources focus on showing you effective investigation techniques that help establish relevance from complex data connections and bring critical OSINT investigations to actionable results. They are designed for investigators who are just getting started in their career and experienced analysts looking to advance their skills.

How Does Maltego Academy Compare with Spark Learning? 🔗︎

If you are an existing Maltego user or customer, you might have heard of or used Spark Learning, Maltego’s previous learning platform.

While offering similar learning formats and resources included in Spark Learning, Maltego Academy has redesigned its on-demand learning options to better guide users through the journey of mastering a subject matter. Maltego Academy also offers more regular and interactive live training sessions that bring like-minded investigators together.

On-demand Learning Paths Designed for All Investigators 🔗︎

Learning paths are the core of on-demand learning in Maltego Academy.

A learning path is a collection of modules tied together for learners to naturally progress through their understanding and skills around a particular subject.

In Maltego Academy, we design learning paths based on use cases. Each learning path contains multiple modules. Completing all modules should equip you with the know-how and confidence to use Maltego for these types of use cases and investigations.

Maltego for Cybercrime Investigations Learning Path 🔗︎

Upon the launch of Maltego Academy, we released the Maltego for Cybercrime Investigations learning path. This learning path is for investigators conducting investigations related to cybercrime, fraud, due diligence, harassment, disinformation, extremism, and other similar use cases.

The learning path takes you through modules covering how to investigate email addresses, a person’s name, phone numbers, and usernames using Maltego and relevant data integrations. Completing the learning path will earn you a Maltego for Cybercrime certificate!

Maltego for Cybersecurity Investigations Learning Path 🔗︎

Coming soon later this year is the Maltego for Cybersecurity Investigations learning path! This learning path is tailored to analysts involved in cybersecurity, cyber threat intelligence, penetration testing, threat hunting, incident response, or other similar investigations.

The learning path includes modules about investigating websites, IP addresses, malware hashes, and more using Maltego and common cybersecurity data sources. You will also earn a Maltego for Cybersecurity certificate once you complete the learning path!

Live Learning to Bring Together Investigators Worldwide 🔗︎

Maltego Academy live learning offers virtual, instructor-led training sessions in group settings. As a participant of the live training sessions, you can watch live demonstrations, participate in hands-on activities, ask questions to your Maltego Subject Matter Expert, and exchange knowledge with other participants in the session.

We now offer weekly sessions covering various topics such as social media investigations, cyber threat intelligence, dark web and online scam, specific features you should know about in Maltego, and more.

Custom Training Tailored to Your Teams 🔗︎

Only available to Maltego Organization plan customers, Maltego Custom Training enables your team to start using Maltego in their daily work as quickly as possible.

Our team of training experts works with you to fully understand your teams’ investigative processes and goals. We then tailor our training sessions to deliver exactly what your team needs to hit the ground running with Maltego. Maltego Organization plan customers who are interested in Maltego Custom Training can reach out to their Customer Success Managers to start the conversation.

Start Learning to Be a Top Investigator 🔗︎

Getting started with Maltego Academy is easy. If you are a Maltego user or customer, simply sign up for an account on the Maltego Academy website, enter your Maltego license key, and you will be able to start learning!

If you are an existing Spark Learning user, simply log in with your existing login credentials! Your account and access information has been transferred and stored safely in Maltego Academy.

Start learning to be a top investigator like others today. Happy investigating!

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