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Maltego Desktop Application Maltego is a java application that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Self-hosted servers Enables teams to integrate own data sources and deploy Maltego’s Standard Transforms on-premise.
Multi-device usage Maltego is licensed on a named seat basis. Our Enterprise plans allow the usage of multiple devices per user.
VM deployment supported Our Enterprise plans enable customers to deploy the Maltego infrastructure in virtualized environments.
Enterprise Machines Maltego Enterprise Machines support to automate your complex Cyber Security, Person of Interest, Social Media and Darkweb information investigations
Results per Transform The number of Entities on a graph and the number of results returned by executing a Transform is restricted for the community edition.
12 Up to 12 results per Transform and 10,000 Entities per graph
64,000 Up to 64,000 results per Transform and 1 million Entities per graph
64,000 Up to 64,000 results per Transform and 1 million Entities per graph
64,000 Up to 64,000 results per Transform and 1 million Entities per graph
Standard Transforms Maltego comes with a large number of pre-installed Transforms to get started. Furthermore, community edition users can access certain third-party data sources out-of-the box. You can check the list here. Commercial Transforms are excluded from our community edition.
Access to commercial Transform Hub Maltego integrates with 50+ commercial data partners and many other data sources. We also offer attractive data bundles for our commercial users. Learn more about our Transform Hub here.
Data Subscriptions Flexible and affordable access to premium data sources (data subscriptions) can be additionally purchased by our Pro and Enterprise users. Learn more here.
Enterprise data allowance For Enterprise plans, Maltego comes with a generous data allowance for various data sources such as Bing, GreyNoise, IBM Watson, IP Quality Score, TinEye as well as Enterprise trials of commercial data offerings from CipherTrace, Farsight, Flashpoint, Intel471, Orbis, Silobreaker, and many more.
Documentation Access to our comprehensive online documentation, tutorials, and handbooks.
Online courses Maltego offers online on-demand learning. Access to our on-demand courses is included in all Enterprise subscriptions. Pro customers get free access to an introductory course and can purchase other courses separately. Learn more here.
In-person training available for purchase For our Enterprise customers, we offer personalized training and learning options for analysts and developers. They are delivered on-site or remote, in one block or as modular sessions over a year.
Email support Contact our dedicated support team with any technical or commercial questions.
Phone support Enterprise customers enjoy the benefits of phone support and access to our internal team of support engineers and developers.
Dedicated SLAs Enterprise customers enjoy dedicated support SLAs and can negotiate custom SLAs if needed.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Enterprise customers are assigned their personal customer success manager and enjoy the support of our internal team of subject matter experts.
Support for Enterprise procurement Enterprise plans include support for procurement.
Available for resale Enterprise licenses can be sold by resellers. Please get in touch with us here to discuss procurement logistics
FREEfor non-commercial use FREEfor non-commercial use
999 EURper user per year 999 EURper user per year
Custom pricing Custom pricing
Custom pricing Custom pricing

Frequently Asked Questions​

Make it your own

Maltego Desktop Client
The Maltego Desktop Client is the visual interface in which all gathered information is linked and combined. It is a Java application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Maltego allows users to create graphs step-by-step in an intuitive point-and-click logic.​ There are currently 3 editions of the Maltego Client:
Data Integration
Maltego features over 58 data integrations from over 35 data partners. This is one of the key reasons customers repeatedly turn to Maltego to empower their analysts and investigators with modern link-analysis software. The Maltego Transform Hub enables you to choose from a variety of data integrations, including OSINT data sources, CaseFile Entities, paid access to commercial Transforms, exclusive access to integrations within Enterprise plans and more.
Deployment & Infrastructure​
By default, Maltego uses our public Transform server . However, over time, we recognized the importance of flexibility in choosing the right deployment infrastructure for our enterprise users. Enterprises require deployment options that are not only performant but also compliant with the needs and guidelines of their organizations.
Support & Services
Whether you are just getting started or mastering advanced features, our support team is here for you! Users can simply contact our support team through our support site and email. Maltego also provides a wide range of services to its enterprise customers to make the procurement, deployment, onboarding, and maintenance of Maltego a smooth ride.
Learning & Training
Whether you are just starting out with Maltego, or are a seasoned user, we offer the most suitable learning solutions to help you unlock Maltego’s investigative capabilities. As a Maltego user, you can benefit from a range of resources for self-paced learning: Free online documentation​, free and paid on-demand courses, and in-person training for beginners or advanced users.

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Maltego Glossary.

Use Maltego completely offline as a mind-mapping tool for offline viewing.​
Collaborate with your team on the same graph and share access to different datasets live.​
Data Subscriptions
Maltego data subscriptions are a subscription-based model to allow investigators to purchase usage-based access to third-party data directly in the Maltego web-shop.
Desktop Client
Visually link your data and create graphs with up to 1,000,000 pieces of information.
Automatically execute pre-defined sequences of Transforms or define your Transform sequences to run queries automatically and speed up your investigation process.​
A match can be defined as a unit of measurement for the Transform quota purchased by a customer as part of a data bundle. Matches are specific to the Pipl data integration and cannot be transferred to other data integrations.
Paid connector
A paid connector is an option to access data in Maltego, following a two-step process of getting an API key from the data partner and Hub item access from Maltego. To get access or learn more, simply reach out to us using the contact form on the data source detail page, e.g. here for Orbis data.
Run Transforms over Maltego’s public server or purchase a private server to host your own infrastructure.​
Standard OSINT Transforms​
Work with Maltego Standard Transforms to enrich your investigations with OSINT data. ​
Run data queries to discover relationships between Entities through link analysis.​​
Transform Hub​
Access paid and free data from a variety of public sources (OSINT) as well as over 30 partners. ​
Transform run
Whenever a user runs a Transform on an input Entity, it is counted as a Transform run. A Transform run is counted irrespective of the number of results it yields.