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04 May 2021

Enrich Threat Intelligence and Criminal Investigations with Intel 471 Transforms and Data Subscriptions

Maltego Team

Following our data subscription releases for the Pipl identity database and CipherTrace cryptocurrency intelligence, we are excited to announce the launch of the updated Intel 471 Transforms and data subscriptions!

Intel 471 provides in-depth and globally relevant coverage and tracking of sophisticated, financially motivated cybercriminals, hacktivists and other threats targeting organizations, their customers, employees, and suppliers. These actionable insights into threat actors equip cyber security teams, law enforcement agencies, and Trust & Safety investigators with the necessary context to understand and stay ahead of potential threats.

In this article, we will give you a brief introduction of the updated Intel 471 Maltego Transforms and the newly released Intel 471 data subscriptions.

Intel 471 Threat and Cybercrime Intelligence in Maltego 🔗︎

Integrated with Maltego, the Intel 471 Transforms enable investigators to visualize threat profiles and map the relationships between pieces of digital evidence left behind by threat actors.

The Intel 471 data integration in Maltego includes the following data bases and intelligence:

The Intel 471 Deep & Dark Web Collections (Intel 471 Pro Data Subscription) 🔗︎

The Intel 471 Deep & Dark Web Collections provides access to collected raw intelligence of underground data otherwise known as the deep and dark web. The data enables investigators to gain insight into the anatomy of the cybercriminal underground, such as malware developed and sold to facilitate criminal activities, sensitive data exfiltrated from businesses worldwide, and hosting services supporting the rise of underground criminal activities.

With over 40 Transforms available for this particular dataset, investigators can query cybercriminal forums, marketplace posts, and discussions to reveal the identities, agendas, targets, means, and networks of threat actors.

Intel 471 deep and dark web data

Investigators can access the Intel 471 Deep & Dark Web Collections Transforms by purchasing our Intel 471 Pro data subscriptions or via the full solution API key.

The Intel 471 Adversary, Vulnerability, and Malware Intelligence (Intel 471 Enterprise Package) 🔗︎

Besides insights into forums and discussions exchanged in the deep and dark web, the updated Intel 471 Transforms also tap into extensive threat actor reporting, vulnerability weaponization and exploitation, and malware intelligence reports and technical intelligence.

Cyber analysts can pivot from a CVE to related vendors and products—and vice versa—as well as query existing incident reports and patch statuses. Moreover, investigators can also query data of a malware event and reports to enrich threat intelligence and identify threat actors.

Investigators can access the Intel 471 adversary, vulnerability, and malware intelligence Transforms via Intel 471’s full solution API key. The Intel 471 full solution also includes access to its deep & dark web data. For more information regarding the Intel 471 full solution, please contact us here.

Intel 471 Data Subscriptions for Maltego: Flexible Subscriptions to Deep and Dark Web Intelligence 🔗︎

The Intel 471 data subscriptions for Maltego cover Intel 471 Deep & Dark Web Collections, which is a collection of deep and dark web data acquired from underground forums, marketplaces, and chat rooms such as Telegram, Discord, IRC, ICQ, and others. With Intel 471 data subscriptions, investigators can obtain near real-time visibility into key actors, assets, issues, organizations, and other criminal entities, as well as evidence from within the cyber underground—all via a flexible, annual subscription that is tailored to individual project needs and budgets.

How to Purchase Maltego’s Intel 471 Data Subscriptions 🔗︎

We at Maltego offer Small and Medium data subscriptions for the following users:

  • Internal Security: Professionals who use Intel 471 data to protect their own organizations and internal systems
  • Service Providers: Professionals who use Intel 471 data to provide security services to their customer base

Each data subscription allows a fixed number of Transform runs per month.

Customers who are interested in leveraging Intel 471 underground collection through data subscriptions can simply find the option that fits their data requirements on our Transform Hub webpage and purchase it in our web-shop.

Please note that every purchase is subject to a vetting process in line with the terms of use of the third-party data provider, namely Intel 471. Access is generally reserved for professional investigators typically associated with an organization.

If you’re interested in learning more about data subscriptions and all the ways to access data within Maltego, read our ”Introducing Maltego Data Subscriptions” blog post or read our FAQs.

If you would like to access the full Intel 471 solution in Maltego—including deep and dark web data as well as adversary, vulnerability and malware intelligence—please contact us using the inquiry form here.

Download our Intel 471 solution brief to learn more about the data integration and share with your colleagues and teams.

Maltego & Intel 471 Joint Webinar 🔗︎

Maltego and Intel 471 Webinar

Watch our webinar with Intel 471 and Bob McArdle from Trend Micro and deep dive into real-life use cases using Intel 471 data in Maltego!

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Happy investigating!

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