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Pipl Solution in Maltego

This document provides an overview of how Maltego and Pipl together help fraud investigators, government and law enforcement agencies, and other investigative teams connect identity elements from multiple data sources in Maltego. By integrating Maltego and Pipl, users can greatly enrich their person-of-interest investigations with Pipl’s vast index of more than 3 billion online identities contains personal, professional, and social information.

How Pipl Benefits Investigators and Analysts 🔗︎

Pipl is the world’s leading provider of online identity information which continuously scours the web, exclusive data sources, and a vast network of global information providers, delivering fresh data for unparalleled insight into people and their associates. Pipl enables you to quickly expand details about persons of interest and uncover associations between people, addresses, phones, jobs, and social handles. From this data you can track changes in historical online and offline identity information to evaluate the credibility of sources, witnesses, or suspects.

Download this PDF solution brief and read more about how investigators use Pipl Transforms in Maltego.

Pipl is available to all Maltego commercial users with a purchased API key. Learn more about accessing Pipl Transforms in Maltego and reach out for access inquiry here.

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