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22 Jul 2020

The Five Pillars of the Maltego Offering

Maltego Team

Most of you know Maltego as a powerful graphical link analysis tool for OSINT investigations. Whether you are a novice investigator, or leading a team of enterprise analysts and investigators, there are many customizable elements to the Maltego solution to help you optimize your investigations.

While we often talk about continuously improving our Desktop Client, we are equally excited about other improvements we have made over the past few months which are less visible to the everyday investigator. Most notably, we have extended our offering with more flexible infrastructure and deployment, new data integration options with improved navigability, as well as a range of support services, learning and training options. We want to use today’s blog post to focus on current and past improvements across the five pillars of the Maltego offering.

Maltego’s main focuses and services

The Maltego Desktop Client 🔗︎

The Maltego Desktop Client is the visual interface through which you can link and combine all gathered information. It is a Java application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Maltego allows users to build graphs with intuitive point-and-click logic.​ Getting started is easy. Simply register for our free Community Edition, download the software and start investigating!

A core element of Maltego for more avid users is the Desktop Client’s customizability. Analyst and investigator teams can bring their own Entity design into the Client and tap into their own data sources by writing custom Transforms. Since context is an important element of every investigation, the properties of Entities on Maltego graphs can be easily extended to show additional information valuable to the analysts at work.

For teams, the Maltego Desktop Client features live graph sharing and a chat function, both on-premise and in the Cloud. This enables different subject matter experts to work on the same investigation simultaneously, which drastically speeds up the investigative process.

Deployment & Infrastructure 🔗︎

By default, Maltego uses our public Transform server​. However, over time, we recognized the importance of flexibility in choosing the deployment infrastructure for our enterprise users. Enterprises require deployment options that are not only performant but also compliant with the needs and guidelines of their organizations. Therefore, all Maltego capabilities can be fully deployed on-premise and even work without an active connection to the public internet (“dark site”). We also support a wide range of modern private cloud infrastructure based on virtualization or containerized applications.

Our customer success engineers support new customers throughout the deployment process. We also offer maintenance services for on-premise servers should customers wish to leave their Maltego servers in our hands.

Data Integration 🔗︎

Maltego features over 40 data integrations from over 35 data partners. These numbers are one of the key reasons customers repeatedly turn to Maltego to empower their analysts and investigators with modern link-analysis software.

In addition to popular new data sources like The Wayback Machine, ATT&CK and MISP now available for free in the Transform Hub, we also offer free-tier access to some of our commercial Hub partners. In this way, it is possible to run a limited number of queries per hour for Hub items such as Farsight without an API key. This way, we can support new users by initially providing them with a chance to try out and evaluate a new commercial data source.

For most of our commercial third-party data providers like CrowdStrike, Recorded Future, Flashpoint and DomainTools, for example, our users require an API key directly from the data provider in order to access the Transforms. In these cases, you can always rely on Maltego as your first-level of support with questions around the Partner Transforms.

Learning & Training 🔗︎

Maltego is a tool for professionals and it requires some time to fully master link analysis. However, we firmly believe that everyone can be a skilled investigator. Therefore, training and learning content has long been central to our work. Besides on-site training and workshops in popular conferences over the past year, we began providing additional learning opportunities online, such as better documentation, webinars with data partners, and blog posts featuring popular use cases.

To improve your learning experience even further, we have recently introduced new content and training modules to the Maltego website. Whether you are just starting out with Maltego, or are a seasoned user, we are developing the right learning solution to help you get the most out of Maltego’s analytic capabilities. Additionally, we are providing a platform where you can share your knowledge and connect with the Maltego community.

The new Maltego learning resources include the following:

Read more about our learning and training options here. If you are interested in one of our training options or would like to sign up for early access to our new Maltego Foundations course, click the button below to send us a message now.

Support & Services 🔗︎

We are very proud of the Maltego community and the support Maltego users provide each other, informally or via our network of implementation and training partners. Maltego also provides a wide range of services to its enterprise customers directly to make the procurement, deployment, learning, and maintenance of Maltego a smooth ride:

  • Enterprise onboarding and guided deployment to ensure a smooth set-up process
  • Enterprise support and maintenance for high availability
  • Enterprise Integration and Transform writing services to help you seamlessly integrate custom and internal data sources into your workflows

Happy investigating!

Questions or comments? 🔗︎

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us via Twitter or LinkedIn or visit our support site.

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