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Live Training - Maltego Intensive Training for Teams

Course Overview 🔗︎

Maltego is a critical tool for the cybersecurity and intelligence community – whether it be mapping a target’s infrastructure or profiling a person’s sphere of influence.  

During this course, we will help you unlock the potential of Maltego – from helping you to understand the underlying technologies to the possibilities of extending Maltego with your data.  

This is a 3-hour intensive course targeted at investigator teams packed with practical exercises using real world data, giving participants real world experience with the tool whilst being trained by the same team that developed the tool.   

What You Will Learn 🔗︎

Part 1: Maltego Essentials (40 Mins)   🔗︎
  • Getting Started (Installation and Activation) 
  • What is Maltego? 
  • Why Maltego? 
  • Exploratory Link Analysis 
  • Where do we get the data? 
  • Navigation and Selection 
  • Collection Nodes  
Part 2: Infrastructure Essentials (80 Mins)    🔗︎

Part 2 is based on a use case, decided upon in a requirements call done after purchase. In this example, focus is on using Maltego for infrastructure footprinting.  

  • Infrastructure on Maltego (, 
  • Basic networking footprinting (Level 1)  
  • Integrating other data sources 
  • External APIs 
  • Import your own data 
Part 3: Customize Maltego (60 Mins)   🔗︎
  • Notes, Bookmarks and Attachments  
  • Machines (Transform macros) 
  • Custom Views  
  • Introduce Maltego Servers (write your own Transforms)   

Pre-Requisites 🔗︎

Students are required to know common Internet services (like HTTP, DNS), Search engines (basic ‘Google hacking’), some scripting or programming experience (Python) is an advantage but not required. 

What to bring?  🔗︎

  • Notebook (PC or Mac) with at least 6GB of RAM, 64bit Java 11 JRE installed, a decent resolution display and some space to install the latest version of Maltego.  
  • External mouse  

What you will get   🔗︎

  • Video recording of the presented course online for 6 months 
  • Materials (PDF of presentation, recipes for use cases)  

If you are interested in purchasing our crash course live training, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you with more details!

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