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VirusTotal Solution in Maltego

This document provides an overview of how the VirusTotal Transforms for Maltego enables investigators and organizations to leverage threat intelligence, malware research, and attack context. With the VirusTotal data integration in Maltego, investigators can map out attacker campaigns, determine attribution, and make sense of the threat landscape to proactively protect your organization.

How VirusTotal Threat Intelligence Benefits Investigators and Analysts 🔗︎

VirusTotal is the richest, most interlinked, most actionable and closest to real-time crowdsourced threat intelligence platform on the planet. It equips security teams with comprehensive context and cutting edge functionalities to proactively protect their networks from cybersecurity threats. With VirusTotal Transforms in Maltego, incident responders in security operations center (SOC) teams can effortlessly surface hunting and remediative IOCs to feed their network perimeter defenses and neutralize the attack and its variants. VirusTotal Transforms in Maltego also enables threat analysts to map out phishing campaigns and identify the shortest route to mitigation, pivoting over Whois lookups, typosquatting urls, passive DNS records and other commonalities in order to identify pre-operational infrastructure, taking it down before it impacts customers.

Download this PDF solution brief and read more about how investigators use VirusTotal Transforms in Maltego.

VirusTotal data can be directly used within Maltego for free after users register for the VirusTotal Public API. Users can also access data exclusive to the VirusTotal Premium API subscribers by bringing their own API key. For more information about the VirusTotal Premium API access, please check out our Hub page here.

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