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Mine, Merge, Map data with Maltego

Your comprehensive tool for graphical link analyses.​

Maltego is used by a broad range of users, ranging from security professionals to forensic investigators, investigative journalists, and researchers. ​


Easily gather information from disparate data sources.
Access over 30 data sources in the Transform Hub.​
Connect to public (OSINT), commercial and own data sources.​
Write your own Transforms to connect to APIs and own data sources.​
data sources


Automatically link and combine all information in one graph.
View up to 1,000,000 Entities on a graph.​
Automatically combine different data sources.​
Use regex to auto-detect Entity types and extract relevant properties.​
Enrich your data through our intuitive graphical user interface.​
Share your graph in real-time with fellow investigators.​


Visually explore relationships in your data.
Choose from different layouts to help you spot the pattern in the data.​
Highlight Entity properties to help find unique bits of information in even the largest graphs.​
Annotate your graph and export it for further use.​​

Make it your own.

Customize your Maltego solution according to your investigative needs.​
Maltego application​
Choose from four versions of the Maltego application to match the scope of your investigation.​
Data sources​
Choose from public (OSINT), commercial and your own data sources.​
Deployment options​
Choose between your own cloud or ours or work completely offline.​
Support services​
Every Maltego user has free access to our documentation and support. In addition, we offer a variety of paid services to our customers.​

Maltego Glossary.

Use Maltego completely offline as a mind-mapping tool for offline viewing.​
Collaborate with your team on the same graph and share access to different datasets live.​
Desktop Client​​
Visually link your data and create graphs with up to 1,000,000 pieces of information.​
Automatically execute pre-defined sequences of Transforms or define your Transform sequences to run queries automatically and speed up your investigation process.​
Run Transforms over Maltego’s public server or purchase a private server to host your own infrastructure.​
Standard OSINT Transforms​
Work with Maltego Standard Transforms to enrich your investigations with OSINT data. ​
Run data queries to discover relationships between Entities through link analysis.​​
Transform Hub​
Access paid and free data from a variety of public sources (OSINT) as well as over 30 partners. ​