Maltego Desktop Client for Professionals:

Customization & Collaboration

The Maltego Desktop Client empowers investigators to deep-dive without the need to clean and sort data manually:

  • Ability to import and export data, explore with views and layouts and quickly pivot to other data sources
  • Full customization through Entity, Property and Transform design
  • Live collaboration including chat, both on-premise and in the Cloud.
Extensive Data Integrations:

Even More Data at Your Fingertips

In the Pro Transform Hub you can choose from a variety of data integrations:

  • Access to OSINT data sources available
  • Paid access to commercial Transforms
  • CaseFile Entities
  • Access to Pro data integrations available
Secure Infrastructure

The Maltego Community Cloud

For our Pro users, Maltego runs on the Maltego Community Cloud.

Standard Transforms and collaboration capabilities are routed via the Maltego public Transform server.

Support Services:

Email us for Guidance

Whether you are just getting started or need help with advanced features, our support team is here for you!

In case of any issues, our Maltego Pro users can simply contact our support team through our Support site.

On-Demand Learning and Training:

Learn at your own Pace

As a Maltego Pro user, benefit from a range of resources for self-paced learning:

  • Online documentation
  • Free learning resources
  • On-demand courses
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