27 July 2023

Webinar | Unmask Cybercriminals’ Real Identities with Constella and Maltego

Why do investigators like Brian Krebs and Michael Bazzell use breach identity data in so many investigations? Is it because, when structured and normalized, this data source offers a treasure trove for digital investigators? With most crimes and fraud involving an element of digital activity, it’s vital the modern investigator understands and masters this intelligence.

Maltego expert, Mathieu Gaucheler, and Daniel Mathews, Director of Worldwide Sales Engineering at Constella Intelligence will walk you through a series of investigations using over 124 billion curated breach records to unmask aliases, nicknames, and domains.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to conduct a person of interest investigation with different starting points like aliases, domains, IP addresses, or email addresses.
  • Why breach data is effective for person of interest investigations.
  • How to query a massive breach database like the Constella datalake efficiently.
  • A series of real-life demos investigating and unmasking the internet’s most notorious cybercriminals.

About the Speaker

Mathieu Gaucheler is a Subject Matter Expert at Maltego. His responsibilities include research-driven content development for blog posts, webinars, and talks. He started working in cybersecurity in Barcelona, focusing on malware analysis and sandbox development. He has previously presented his research at BotConf and RSA APJ.

Daniel Mathews brings over 20 years of experience in the Security Industry. He has served in various technical, marketing and advisory capacities at UUNET, MCI, Verizon, Cybertrust and SecureWorks. Most recently, Dan led the global sales engineering team at Lastline for 5 years, through a successful acquisition by VMware in 2020.