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21 Dec 2022

A Look Back at 2022

Maltego Team

As we celebrate one year’s success and another year’s coming, it is once again time to reflect, recharge, and restart. We at Maltego are grateful to have enjoyed tremendous growth and opportunities in 2022 despite the increasingly uncertain economic climate in the technology industry. Of course, this would not have been possible without the amazing people in our organization as well as our partners, collaborators, and customers worldwide who continue to support us.

Below are some of the highlights, wins, and important themes that have guided us through the year.

Putting Our Investigators First 🔗︎

Made by investigators and made for investigators, Maltego would not be the same without the beloved community formed and bonded over the past 10 years. In 2022, we aligned our visions and ensured that investigators are at the heart of the key – if not all – product, content, learning and service offerings, and initiatives. We have and will continue to strive to provide valuable solutions, information, and interactions where our investigators need and best find them.

Data At Your Fingertips: Ever-Growing Transform Hub Offerings 🔗︎

As more and more investigators add Maltego to their standard toolkit, it is one of our utmost priorities to provide a broad range of relevant data sources with more flexible, tailored data access options. With the 12 newly added data integrations in 2022 and a dozen other updated existing Hub items, we’re proud to have:

  • A total of 96 data integrations on the Transform Hub
  • 50 Click-and-run Hub items for Maltego Enterprise, and 42 also for CE, and Pro
  • 12 Hub items accessible via annual or monthly data subscriptions

Ever-Growing Transform Hub Offerings

Additional and Tailored Resources to Learn Maltego From 0 to 1 🔗︎

To help our users and customers get the most out of Maltego in the shortest time possible, our Training team has rolled out a series of learning resources and initiatives. Our Foundations 1, Foundations 2, and Advanced on-demand courses guide Maltego users all the way from onboarding to mastery. We also started a series of live customer upskilling webinars where users can learn directly from our experts, along with peers who share similar challenges and goals.

Our Subject Matter Experts have also released three Maltego handbooks which will guide our users to set up efficient playbooks with Maltego: The Maltego Handbook for Incident Response, Maltego Handbook for Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Maltego Handbook for Social Media Investigations.

Meeting Our Community Where They Are 🔗︎

As the world eases into a post-COVID-19 era, we at Maltego continue to treasure in-person interactions and opportunities with our community. We were excited to meet our supporters, customers, and users at conferences like BSides, RSA Conference, BotConf, Black Hat, and Underground Economy while having the pleasure to host some of our events in Munich as well as at our Headquarters. We also want to thank those who connected with us online through the 19 webinars hosted in 2022, our social media platforms, our new podcast, and emails.

OSINT for Good: Maltego Academic & Non-Profit Program 🔗︎

Empowering investigators worldwide to do good work is core to our values. In 2022, we have supported 55 academic institutions and 20 non-profit organizations as well as independent researchers with the Maltego Academic & Non-Profit Program. We are honored to be part of critical investigations and researches aimed at protecting the rights of asylum-seekers, analyzing terrorism, or getting behind disinformation campaigns. Working with partners like the National Child Protection Task Force, Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, Lighthouse Reports, UC Berkeley Human Rights Center, and ISD Global rewards motivates us every single day.

Applications to participate in the program open up every year in March. We absolutely look forward to more opportunities to be a valuable resource for your projects!

The Maltego Team Now Encircles The Globe 🔗︎

It goes without saying that the people behind Maltego are the drivers and reasons for our achievements and milestones. This year, we have grown to include 27 nationalities that come together from different corners of Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Not only is our diversity reflected in the 12 languages we speak, it also facilitates in-office as well as virtual cultural celebrations. Lunar New Years, Diwali, el Día de los Muertos, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – We enjoyed foods, music, and colors that took us around the globe.

Read more about the people and fun facts of Maltego and join our incredible team for a wilder adventure in 2023!

2022 Maltego Year in Review Summary

Looking Towards 2023 with A Strong Vision 🔗︎

We are absolutely excited about where our team takes us in 2023. With a very exciting roadmap ahead and a tech and product team led by Ben April, our Chief Technology Officer, we look forward to shipping features that bring more value to investigators around the globe. We want to thank all of you who have provided honest and helpful feedback and we cannot wait to march down the roadmap with your faith.

Thank You for Supporting Maltego in 2022! 🔗︎

That’s a wrap for 2022. We will continue to research and publish resources valuable for our investigator community and guide you through every step of the way to unleash the full power of Maltego.

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That’s a wrap for 2022!

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