02 July 2021

Webinar | SolarWinds SUNBURST Case Study: Mapping Malicious Activity Using Maltego and Farsight Historical Passive DNS

In this webinar, focusing on the recent SolarWinds compromise, we will demonstrate how you can use the new DNSDB Flexible Search Transforms with Maltego to discover and uncover key assets and activities that might have been hidden during mainstream investigations using conventional tools and methods.

Using historical passive DNS, we will show you how you can access recorded evidence of the past events – distant and recent – even if the DNS assets (domain names, IP addresses, etc.) have long disappeared from the internet or those that have been lawfully seized.

Meet the Speakers

Roy Boetticher enjoys training users to use Maltego as effectively as possible. Roy’s mission is to ensure investigators always have the best possible data at their fingertips.

Boris Taratine is apassionate visionary and an influential ambassador of cyber security and cyber defense, an active participant in various industry forums influencing global cybersecurity development, an author of a number of scientific publications and dozens of patents granted and pending.

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