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23 September 2020

Webinar | In-Depth Investigation and Advanced Techniques with Farsight and Maltego (Part 3/3)

What do you get when you combine the largest provider of passive DNS cyber threat intelligence with one of the most comprehensive graphical link analysis tools?

In this final module of the three-part webinar, we deep dive into advanced techniques to widen your investigation and show how you can expand and expedite investigations by leveraging other sources of data. We will also demonstrate how investigators can reach the “A-ha!” moment, where important leads and pivots are discovered.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Advanced Investigations with Multiple Data Integrations
  2. Automating Investigations with Maltego Machines
  3. Real-Time Collaboration with Teams in Maltego Investigations

A Three-Part Joint Webinar Series with Farsight

We have come together with Farsight DNSDB to host a three-part webinar series on a range of topics spanning from basic introduction to advanced investigative techniques of using Farsight data integration in Maltego.

The webinar series will cover the topics below: