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Polonious Solution in Maltego

This document provides an overview of how the Polonious Transforms for Maltego enables law enforcement officers and investigators to visualize evidence, conduct case researches, and manage case entities. With the Polonious data integration in Maltego, investigators can make end-to-end investigation and management process more efficient, consistent, and evidentially sound.

How Polonious Benefits Law Enforcement Investigators 🔗︎

Polonious is an investigation management platform built to support many use cases, from Fraud to KYC to Incident Management. The Polonious two-way integration allows investigators or analyst to query cases, people, companies, or other entities in Polonious in real-time. However, if you start your investigation in Maltego, you easily create a case in Polonious and send people, companies, and other entities to your new case. This combination of technologies gives you all the benefits of visual analysis in Maltego, with the addition of full case management capabilities provided by Polonious to investigators worldwide. Polonious is an ideal fit for any organisation with cloud or on-premise deployment options meeting the strictest security requirements.

Download this PDF solution brief and read more about how investigators use Polonious Transforms in Maltego.

Polonious data is available for all Maltego commercial users with a Polonious subscription. For more information about access to the Polonious data integration in Maltego, please check out our Hub page here.

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