30 Sep 2022

Customer Success Managers: Effective Investigations through Continued Learning and Implementation

Maltego Team

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Maltego is your single point of contact for all things related to your purchase. The CSMs are experts in their field and ensure quick resolution and solutions to any of your investigative, data, or deployment needs.

Every Enterprise account at Maltego is entitled to a CSM. As a norm, a CSM will introduce themselves to you at the beginning of your license start date.

In your conversation with the CSM, you can share your needs, and timelines in terms of deployment, usage, and learning. The CSM will then support you by facilitating the right conversations with our engineers, trainers, or subject matter experts so that you can get value out of Maltego quickly and smoothly.

The Maltego Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work with three principles in mind:

Continuous Learning 🔗︎

Every team using Maltego must be empowered to use Maltego as and when the team grows, changes direction, or adapts to changing industry needs. This is why the CSMs use the power of Maltego’s Subject Matter Experts and Training packages to tailor and develop learning based on the teams’ current requirements. Due to the nature of the tool as well as investigative needs, we recommend regular learning and feedback touchpoints with your CSM to ensure your team is always excelling at Maltego Investigations.

Adapting To Changing Infrastructures And Ecosystems 🔗︎

Maltego understands that not all deployment and setups are created equally. The CSMs work together with the users to ensure Maltego is deployed as easily as possible along with our Maltego Engineers. Our Engineers also support custom Transform development or data and tool integration into Maltego. The CSMs will align your business and infrastructure requirements to Maltego specific solutions to support long term but swift deployments.

Ensuring Short Learning Curves To Maximize Maltego’s Effectiveness For Every Investigation 🔗︎

Maltego is a technical tool which requires knowledge of our data integrations, the Maltego tool as well as our servers and the infrastructure setups that come with it. The CSMs work towards ensuring that none of these factors hinder our users from diving into investigations and staying effective with Maltego as quickly as possible. By speaking to our CSMs, you can rest assured that you will be able to use Maltego to power your investigations from day 1.

If you have not yet received a welcome email from your CSM, write to either onboarding@maltego.com or support@maltego.com.

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Happy investigating!

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