21 Jun 2023

Spark: Ignite Your Learning with Maltego

Maltego Team

Maltego is proud to announce the launch of our new online learning portal, Spark!

Spark is an all-in-one platform for investigators, analysts, and researchers to learn about how to make their work more effective and efficient by using Maltego and other investigative methods. In addition to Maltego-specific training, Spark offers learning resources in the domains of open-source intelligence (OSINT), cybersecurity, and more, to keep practitioners ready for any investigation coming their way.

Learn the Way You Prefer with Spark ๐Ÿ”—︎

The launch of Spark comes with the release of a wide range of multi-format learning resources that serve learners with diverse preferences and learning habits.

We took feedback from our existing learners as well as external trainers who collaborate closely with Maltego to understand how people learn best and how we can help shape their learning experience. We reviewed, revamped, and redesigned all our existing E-learning courses and introduced a comprehensive catalog of new, supporting resources.

While we will continue to expand the topical and structural variety of our learning content, we launched Spark today with the following three learning offerings:

A Series of On-Demand E-Learning Courses for Maltego Users ๐Ÿ”—︎

Spark offers a series of on-demand courses that serve your Maltego learning needs.

The Maltego Foundations 1 and Maltego Foundations 2 courses focus on getting users familiarized with the Maltego tool to perform investigations. The Maltego Advanced course takes our users further by showcasing Maltegoโ€™s customization and automation capabilities.

We also offer on-demand courses centered around specific Maltego data integrations on the Transform Hub, so that our users and customers can upskill in areas most relevant to their day-to-day operations.

Ready to get started? Sign up for your Spark account to access all three of these courses!

A Collection of In-Depth Investigative Masterclasses ๐Ÿ”—︎

Masterclasses are our newest learning offerings that aim to help investigators upskill their domain knowledge. We are excited to work with industry leaders and experts to make their expertise accessible.

Our first Masterclasses include exciting topics such as:

  • Citizenship for Sale: Uncovering Criminal Operations where Mario Rojas, threat intelligence expert and former Maltego Subject Matter Expert, takes us into the hidden world of fake document supply chains and sales. This Masterclass showcases how he navigates the dark web and the surface web to map out a broad network of sites offering these illegal services, personal identifier data associated with them, and individuals possibly behind the operation.
  • Company Analysis with Maltego where Andrew Fordred, cyber intelligence expert and former cyber investigator, covers the OSINT tools, data sources, techniques, and workflows that can help find information related to businesses and organizations and produce the best outcomes.
  • Enhancing Information from Phone Numbers and Email Addresses where Andrew Fordred tackles the difficult task of creating intelligence starting with only a simple piece of information. He demonstrates how to effectively use Maltego and OSINT to match phone numbers and email addresses with people and organizations.

Check out our extensive Masterclass collection now!

A Catalog of Maltego Handbooks, Articles, Videos, and Webinars ๐Ÿ”—︎

Finally, the launch of Spark comes with a large catalog of Maltego resources with which you can learn at your own pace.

Our Handbooks for Incident Response, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Social Media Investigations have proven to be useful to learn about essential Maltego workflows and data integrations relevant to each operation. As a Spark learner and Maltego user, you also have unlimited access to all Maltego case studies, use case demos, and whitepapers.

Additionally, Maltego Enterprise users have access to live and recorded webinars from our Trainers and Subject Matter Experts!

Learn the Best Way Possible with Spark ๐Ÿ”—︎

More than just an online library, Spark is a modern learning portal that offers learners a premium learning experience while gaining knowledge. Learners can take advantage of intuitive site navigation, simpler course registration, direct access to materials, and an attractive web interface to make their learning journey as enjoyable as possible.

In the near future, Spark will offer more interactive learning options for our learners, including asynchronous Capture the Flag challenges which encourage learners to put their knowledge to test. These interactive learning activities will help you put your skills into practice and connect you to the rest of the Maltego Community.

The potential of learning with Spark is immense, and we are thrilled to be able to explore, develop, and provide such opportunities to our valuable community.

Start Learning with Spark Today ๐Ÿ”—︎

If you are new to Maltego’s learning offering and want to get started with Spark, the process is simple! Head over to Spark and sign up as a new user. All requests will go through a short vetting process from our team to ensure the best possible learning experience, which will be completed within 1-3 business days. You will then receive an email when you can start learning with Spark. So let the learning begin!

For our current learners on the courses.maltego.com platform, we have made every effort to migrate your information from this platform to Spark. If we were able to migrate all of your data and create a Spark account for you, you should receive an email this week inviting you to log in to Spark. If we were unable to migrate your data, you will need to sign up for a new account directly on Spark. If you have any questions about the progress of your data being migrated to Spark, please reach out to us at support@maltego.com.

Note: We are unable to migrate course progress if a course has not been completed. All learners will have until June 30, 2023 to complete any ongoing course on courses.maltego.com for their course completion history to be transferred to Spark.

Online learning is more important for us than ever before. The launch of Spark signals our commitment to ensuring that you always have something new to learn that will enhance your ability to perform impactful investigations. Please expect new courses, documents, videos, and more to be released on Spark from Maltego as we invest further in user education.

For any questions about Spark or Maltegoโ€™s learning offering, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly or email training@maltego.com.

Most importantly, start learning with Spark today!

Happy investigating!

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