17 March 2022

Webinar | Identify Fake Crypto- & Shopping Sites with Scamadviser and Maltego

There has been an exponential growth in the number of cryptocurrencies and associated organizations that offer them. But how can you identify fake cryptocurrency exchanges or scam networks? Likewise, the number of online stores has exploded during the Corona epidemic. An increasing number of merchants is however selling fakes or are not delivering products at all. With 50 billion euros lost in scams and an expected growth rate of 40%, online fraud is now the most reported type of crime in most countries.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How to effectively recognize websites offering risky cryptocurrencies or fake articles and identify scam networks
  2. How to fight the fake crypto- & shopping sites more effectively and efficiently
  3. The latest facts, figures, and forecasts in online scams

Meet the speakers

Mario Rojas is a Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert at Maltego with more than eleven years of experience in the cyber security field, specializing in risk management and threat analysis and is known for creative solutions that stem from his expert technical knowledge.

Prof. Jorij Abraham Jorij has been part of the international eCommerce community since 1997. He is now Managing Director of the Global Anti Scam Alliance, whose mission is to prevent consumers worldwide from getting scammed and ScamAdviser.com, the global blacklist for malicious websites. He is also e-commerce professor at the University of Applies Sciences, TIO.