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22 February 2021

Webinar | Corporate Structure Link Analysis with Orbis & Maltego for Company Investigations

This webinar demonstrates how Bvd’s Orbis data and its integration with Maltego accelerates and simplifies corporate structure and ownership investigations crucial for KYC, AML, due diligence, and risk assessment processes. 

By combining Orbis company intelligence seamlessly with OSINT and other Maltego data integrations, investigators not only can build a comprehensive map of relationships between companies and stakeholders, but also how they connect to certain networks, records, and internet activities.

  1. Introduction to Bvd’s Orbis Data
  2. Navigating Corporate Data Using Orbis Data and Maltego
  3. Use Case: Investigating Corporate Structure and Ownerships of Wirecard AG

Bureau van Dijk’s Orbis is the most comprehensive data source with information on more than 375 million companies worldwide—regardless of whether they are listed or privately held.

With Orbis Transforms in Maltego, investigators can easily map and visualize corporate hierarchies and relationships. Combined with OSINT and other data sources, Orbis data can be a powerful resource for corporate risk assessment, due diligence practices as well as criminal and financial investigations.

To access Orbis data in Maltego, you can purchase a Maltego Orbis connector or an Orbis API key. For more information about accessing Orbis data, please see our Transform Hub detail page here.