17 January 2022

Webinar | Investigating Disinformation Campaigns using Visual Link Analysis

How can you spot publications used to share disinformation? Join Maltego Subject Matter Expert, Mathieu Gaucheler, as he walks us through an investigation into what sources are spreading disinformation around Covid-19.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How to identify the reach of a disinformation propaganda
  2. How to identify the audience and consumer of a disinformation campaign
  3. How to track down the actors and owners behind a propaganda

Using Maltego in conjunction with SOCMINT and corporate databases, Mathieu will start from the talking points of propagandists, visualize their reach, and try to unveil the executives of these publications.

Disclaimer: In light of the ongoing aggression against Ukraine, we are committed to ensuring transparency regarding the providers in the Transform Hub so that you can make the right decisions regarding your investigative work. Please note that Social Links is partially based in Russia. Read more about Social Link’s position here.

Meet the Speaker

Mathieu Gaucheler is a subject matter expert at Maltego. His responsibilities include research-driven content development for blog posts, webinars, and talks. He started working in cybersecurity in Barcelona, focusing on malware analysis and sandbox development. He has previously presented his research at BotConf and RSA APJ.