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18 Apr 2023

Letter from Maltego's CEO

Maltego Team

Dear Maltego community,

as professionals, we are acutely aware of the damage, costs, and pains that criminal and nation-state cyber-attacks, horrific acts and trade around drugs and child exploitation as well as incendiary and anti-democratic misinformation campaigns invoke. As parents and citizens, we feel directly affected.

At the core of protecting our societies and families are human investigators who dedicate their experience and passion to solving many of these existential cases. And for more than 15 years, Maltego has been their choice of analysis tool and data integration platform to mine, merge and map the oftentimes diverse and distributed data sources needed to connect the dots and find the truth. Empowering these heroes is at the center of everything we do at Maltego.

Today, I am delighted to announce that we are taking an important step towards scaling and expanding our efforts. Charlesbank Technology Opportunities, a Boston-based fund, has acquired Maltego from its previous owners and invests more than 100m USD in our development and growth. It is a strong vote of confidence and a sign of trust in the role that Maltego will play in the growing cyber security and data analytics industry.

The enthusiasm of the Charlesbank team about our plans for Maltego has struck me from our first conversation. Our leadership team is thrilled to work with Darren, Dhruva and Caleb towards our shared vision for Maltego, to build the ecosystem of tools, data and people to empower every investigator to discover the truth.

The investment enables us to accelerate our plans in product and platform development. In the upcoming months, we make complex data analysis attainable for even more investigators, significantly lowering the barriers of data access and adding new interfaces and collaboration features. We strive to empower investigators with the most effective means to make sense of complex data, be it with graphs, searches, or prompts. The deep satisfaction of having discovered previously hidden connections, having found the needle in the haystack, is the feeling that created Maltego’s incredible following which has always been the driving force of our growth.

With recent initiatives like the ISO 27001 certification, as well as growing our presence in the USA, we are focusing heavily on becoming and remaining an even more reliable, trusted and reachable partner to our users and customers. Next, we focus on technology and programs that make contributing to the Maltego platform more frictionless for the many partners that are so important to provide the best solution. We are strongly committed to growing together with our data and service partners as well as the many experts and educators contributing their experience to the community every day.

We are incredibly excited about this work and the path ahead, but Maltego would not be here without the vision and ingenuity of Maltego’s original inventors Chris, Sonja and Roelof. The trustful and entrepreneurial partnership with Moritz and Georg from our former owner Maxburg Capital Partners has been decisive in establishing us in Munich, Germany. Over the last five years, Maltego has become a fast and sustainably growing business and an organization of now more than 100 people.

The Maltego Team and its achievements, I am most proud of. In a time of rapid organizational growth, we have remained humble and focused on what matters most. We built a culture of putting the investigator first, caring passionately about their success - as well as for each other. You, this incredible group of talented people from more than 30 nationalities are the foundation of this milestone and the reason I have no doubts that we will achieve our ambitions and fulfill our responsibility of contributing to a safer world for all of us.

Philip Mayrhofer, CEO

We are heavily investing in growing Maltego to the next level, and this is where I would want to invite you to join us in this growth.

Here are some of the ways to do so:

  1. Join Maltego: We are looking to add more than 50 people in the next 12 months. While we have many open positions, we will continue to hire “people first”. So please have a look at our open positions here or reach out to us directly. We have an incredible team, mainly based in and around Munich, Germany, but with valuable contributors all over Europe and the world.
  2. Learn Maltego: Special offer - for the next 30 days, we offer free access to our on-demand training. Please fill in the form here, and add the text “LEARN-WITH-MALTEGO” in the message field.
  3. Come and meet us at events around the world or stop by at any of our in-office events in Munich.
  4. Become a partner: We are always open to discuss partnership with data, reseller, or service providers.
  5. We want to continue our support for impactful investigations, so consider joining our Academic and Non-Profit Program.

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