05 April 2024

Webinar | Cyber Meets Physical Security: Threat Assessments for Corporate Security

Prescient is a global risk management and intelligence services firm. A long-time partner and customer of Maltego, Prescient helps Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and financial institutions mitigate risk and uncover mission-critical information.

One of Prescient’s corporate security offerings is their Threat Response program, which organizations leverage to identify, investigate, and assess individuals who have made threats towards their personnel, assets, and brand. By combining public records expertise and commercial databases with Maltego, Prescient can unravel a subject’s online presence in minutes vs. days and find critical intelligence that would be missed using traditional research methods.

Prescient’s Head of Research, Rachel Robinson, and Maltego’s Americas Head of Enterprise Sales, Justin Gramajo, discussed Maltego’s applicability to the corporate security sector and walk through a demo of threat investigations at work.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 07:15 Integrating a Human Perspective into Investigations
  • 10:18 The Impact of Digital Transformation on Data Accessibility
  • 17:15 Factors That Can Delay Investigations and Their Solutions
  • 23:30 Pathway to Violence in Threat Assessment and Management
  • 24:10 Identifying Indicators of Behavioral Changes
  • 25:35 Accessing Commercial Database Sources
  • 27:34 Use Case 1: Firearm Ownership
  • 34:40 Use Case 2: External Threats
  • 42:03 Use Case 3: Erratic Behavior
  • 50:00 Key Takeaways

About the Speakers

Rachel Robinson joined Prescient in 2021 as a Director in the firm’s Investigations Practice and has since been promoted to Head of Research, overseeing training, tech enablement, and research standards. She leads complex threat assessments, due diligence, asset traces and other investigative projects on behalf of corporate stakeholders and their counsel. She is a public records subject matter expert and is adept at navigating litigation filings, regulatory proceedings, and corporate records to uncover critical intelligence. Through Rachel’s efforts, Prescient’s team combines expertise navigating available public records with today’s leading technologies, many of which are proprietary to Prescient. While she uses Maltego in her day-to-day case work, she also leverages Prescient’s custom-built Transforms for Maltego.

Justin Gramajo

Justin Gramajo is the Americas Head of Enterprise Sales at Maltego and a passionate, charismatic, and hands-on sales leader with over 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity and SaaS technology sectors. He has extensive expertise in aligning complex technologies with organizations who will find relevant and compelling value in those solutions. He is committed to supporting practitioners, partners, and stakeholders with a world-class customer experience.