14 December 2020

Webinar | Mapping Threat Landscape of Advanced APTs with Maltego and RiskIQ PassiveTotal

This webinar demonstrates how RiskIQ PassiveTotal and its integration with Maltego help researchers and analysts identify and visualize relationships in attacker infrastructure. 

Experts from RiskIQ and Maltego will take a close look at their activities since 2017 and analyze how the cyber espionage APT group, OceanLotus, carried our their attacks and compromised dozens of webpages. We deep dive into how RiskIQ broke down their infrastructure by looking at SSL certificates, related domains, IP addresses, and activity timeframes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Case Study: Investigating Advanced APT Group “OceanLotus”
  2. Investigative Notion: Infrastructure Chaining
  3. Advanced Techniques Leveraging RiskIQ PassiveTotal, OSINT, and Maltego

About RiskIQ PassiveTotal Data

With RiskIQ PassivTotal Transforms in Maltego, investigators can study the SSL certificates, associated IP addresses, and other infrastructure intelligence that help them identify patterns of criminal activities. It is a powerful resource for threat intelligence teams, security analysts, and researchers or investigators alike working in cyber security.

Access to RiskIQ PassiveTotal Data in Maltego

You can access the RiskIQ PassiveTotal Hub item in Maltego by participating in a free trial with limited query numbers. For full solution, a commercial Maltego license and PassiveTotal API license are required.

For more information on the free trial and full solution, please see our Transform Hub detail page here.