If something is not right

Maltego encourages a “Speak Up” culture. If an individual discovers information which they believe shows serious misconduct or wrongdoing, they are encouraged to report this information to us.

The Whistleblowing Investigations Team at Maltego is responsible for investigating all disclosures of serious misconduct or wrongdoing, whether reported by employees or third parties. Investigations will be conducted in a professional manner consistent with our company values and all applicable laws.

Making a Disclosure

We offer multiple ways to reach out to the Whistleblowing Investigations Team.

Web Form

Web Form

You can submit information about an incident via the ‘Submit Report’ Form below.

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Send us a letter addressed to:
Maltego Technologies GmbH
Whistleblowing Investigations Team
Paul-Heyse-Straße 29, 80336 München



Write an Email to the Whistleblowing Investigations Team: whistleblowing@maltego.com



To schedule a telephone call or video conference with the Whistleblowing Investigations Team, please submit a request to whistleblowing@maltego.com

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Frequently asked questions

I am an employee at Maltego. I am unsure if I should make a disclosure?

Maltego encourages a “Speak Up” culture. Employees are encouraged to raise concerns internally and to disclose information which shows serious misconduct or wrongdoing.

Is the information provided confidential?

Maltego will treat all disclosures made in a sensitive and confidential manner.

How will I know if Maltego has received my disclosure?

Individuals making a disclosure will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within seven days of making a disclosure.

What if the disclosure is about a member of the Whistleblowing Investigations Team?

If a disclosure is made against a member of the Whistleblowing Investigations Team, that individual will not participate in the subsequent investigation.

What if the information provided is untrue?

When making a disclosure, individuals should ensure that the information provided is true and accurate. No action will be taken against an individual who makes a disclosure in good faith, which is not confirmed by subsequent investigation.

What personal data will be processed and what are my rights under GDPR?

Please check out our Whistleblowing Privacy Policy for our GDPR practices regarding processing your personal data.