16 March 2023

Webinar | Why and How to Establish Effective Analyst Mindset

Modern OSINT requires extensive information acquisition, processing, and exploitation to produce, and its sources and methods are becoming more complex. Analysts and investigators must now gather data in ways that never existed before, such as online expressions of personal sentiment, photographs of locales and events, and publicized digital networks. Once they have the information, they must organize their work to deal with vast amounts of data without overlooking or rejecting key components, or flippantly discarding information that doesn’t fit into their existing assumptions and expectations.

In this webinar, Aaron Dixon and Joe Ryan share a framework that help you structure investigations. They look at:

  • Preparation to set the initial objective and hypothesis
  • Principles to guide the investigative process, and finally
  • Steps to wrap up the investigations with learnings

About the Speakers

Aaron Dixon is a former member of the New Zealand Military who has spent the last 6 years working as a consultant in the areas of IT Security and Compliance, Data Privacy, Digital Forensics and Cyber Threat Intelligence. He holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in History and Defense Studies, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in International Security. His primary areas of interest are terrorism and geopolitical conflict, as well as focusing on the foundational processes and principles of the Intelligence Cycle.

Joe Ryan is the Training Manager and a Subject Matter Expert at Maltego. His vision is to create world-class training programs that enable Maltego users to conduct fast, effective investigations and analyses to solve their most difficult problems. Joe’s background in law enforcement, responsible technology, and professional development give him a unique perspective on how to approach issues at the intersection of these topics.