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08 April 2022

Webinar | Understanding the Weakest Link: Supply Chain Attacks Intelligence Insights

Attackers have been working hard to find a formula to scale up and cover their operations to accomplish ever more impactful cyberattacks. In 2021 we had a reminder of how dangerous Supply Chain attacks are with the cybersecurity industry faced by a storm when dealing with some of the most significant attacks in the last years, including Log4j.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. The definition of supply chain and the process of supply chain attacks
  2. How to pull out dependencies of a certain data repository and examine known CVEs
  3. How to examine what is being distributed by the threat actors
  4. How VirusTotal leverages intelligences collections to identify and monitors attacks

Meet the Speakers

Carlos Fragoso is Principal Subject Matter Expert and Lead Instructor at Maltego with over 20 years of professional experience in information security: incident response, digital forensics, threat intelligence/hunting. A curious and passionate investigator working with big companies and LEAs to tackle cybercrime around the world (Europe, Middle East, LATAM…) SANS Institute Instructor.

Mathieu Gaucheler is a subject matter expert at Maltego. His responsibilities include research-driven content development for blog posts, webinars, and talks. He started working in cybersecurity in Barcelona, focusing on malware analysis and sandbox development. He has previously presented his research at BotConf and RSA APJ.

Vicente Diaz is a specialist in Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting. He works in the VirusTotal team in Google as Threat Intelligence Strategist. He holds a degree in Computer Science and an MsC in Artificial Intelligence. He was e-crime manager in S21sec for 5 years and deputy director for EU in Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis team for almost 10 years, where he was co-creator and responsible for the APT Intelligence Reporting service.