02 October 2023

Webinar | Trust and Safety: The First Line of Defense Against Product Abuse

With every new digital product or feature, there comes a need for it to be safeguarded from adversarial abuse. Going beyond the technical security of the product, there are other steps that platforms take to ensure that products are healthy, such as fraud prevention, product abuse investigations, and content moderation.

These interests are often championed by and fall under the ambit of trust and safety teams, who undertake proactive and reactive operations for overall product governance. Left unchecked, the risks of product abuse can cause significant harm to end-users and damage the brand’s reputation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What role do trust and safety teams play in identifying instances of product abuse within the digital realm?
  • How have cases of product abuse affected brands like Snapchat, Strava, Google Maps, and Vinted?
  • What methods exist for platforms to categorize, identify, and shield against abuse?
  • Which strategies can you employ to manage product abuse incidents when they occur?

About the Speakers

Jules Brahms is a Subject Matter Expert at Maltego, where she supports the trust and safety needs of brands, companies and platforms, drawing on her experience as a trust and safety professional with a background in incident response, product abuse, and misinformation prevention. In her role, she develops workflows for trust and safety practitioners and conducts training with teams to build capacity in risk assessments, the handling of misinformation and electoral manipulation, and person of interest investigations. Previously, Jules worked as a Subject Matter Expert for online radicalization and misinformation at trust and safety provider ActiveFence, which delivers trust and safety solutions to leading online platforms.

Nitish Chandan is an experienced trust and safety professional with expertise in product risk assessment, crisis response, and investigations. He is currently a Subject Matter Expert at Maltego, where he works with platforms to support their trust and safety investigation needs by developing use cases and investigation pathways. He also regularly conducts training for trust and safety teams to build capacity in risk assessments and fraud investigations. In his last role at Twitter, he was a Senior Product Trust Partner, focused on Twitter’s revenue products and product compliance in the JAPAC region.