21 October 2021

Webinar | Using Genetic Malware Analysis to Investigate Fancy Bear and Other Malware

During this webinar, Maltego and Intezer experts will dive into the world of malware investigations and look into different malware, including malware distributed by Russian-linked APT.

Using the power of genetic malware analysis and visual link analysis, we will identify what family a malware sample belongs to, gain network behaviour visibility, and examine Linux malware that fly under the radar.

Meet the Speakers

Liv Rowley is a Subject Matter Expert at Maltego where she conducts research into various cybersecurity threats. Liv has several years of experience working at threat intelligence companies in both the US and Europe.

Avigayil Mechtinger is a security researcher at Intezer specializing in malware analysis and threat hunting. During her time at Intezer, she has uncovered and documented different malware targeting both Linux and Windows platforms.